So is archives coming back?

I’ve have OW uninstalled for close to a year because I genuinely think the PVP is total Garbo now but I LOVE archives and look forward to it every year. There’s rumors it’s not coming back? If so classic blizzard and I can thankfully keep my space


I think every event is becoming “anniversary remix” which is anniversary but instead of new skins it’s just recolors

I mean I personally don’t care, it means they focus on ow2 and we might get more archieves throughout the year, just in rotation with… Lucioball… Freak

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The Overwatch Archives event is not returning as Overwatch will be running a three-part series of events called “Overwatch Anniversary Remix,” however you can expect to play your favorite Archives PVE and Junkenstein PVE brawls through each of these seasonal events. More details here:

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Wow. I wish I hadn’t read that. The highest point of the year for OW is gone now. Wow. I’ve said it a hundred times before, it’s like the heads of Activision have group meetings discussing how best to ruin the player experience.


This means no Diva, Sym or Brig archive skins…no other heroes new skins…


But will these events come back in ow2? :thinking: maybe that’s an obvious thing that i’m not seeing but i honestly want to know this.

Or will we might get completely new events in ow2??