Anniversary Remix event April 5th

Some remixed skins:


So the mini event skins are coming back if I read that correctly, which i know a lot of people have been asking for👍



Zenyatta doesnt get a lore skin for the entire time OW1 is out.

I am actually disappointed.


I mean makes sense when they want to release OW2 PvP this year because that is the only reason they would do this. I cry but I am still smiling so to speak.

Well… there are 3 Remix Events (Archives, Anniversary and Summer Games) this means after that we could be really close of the release of the OW2 PvP retail version. Interesting…


Not really sad cause we still get the game modes……but that does mean no new event cosmetics/emotes/lines and such…

On a personal note I hate it when games do “re-colors” and pass them off as something to look forward to….rather they just not release skins at all than that

But not super unexpected given what the year is about


…Oh No… it’s Early 1980’s themed.


Hold on, APRIL 5TH?!
I just want to play Archives and get the April Fools changes, I was waiting the whole day for it.
They better start off with the Archive modes at the first day in the rotation.

Its a recolor yes but not that. They mark the 6 most used skins in the history of OW1. Its therefore kind of different.

Its not tho. the top 6 are the most used skins and the other ones are from mini events in the past.

The twitter artwork for the event is just making me cringe a little.

We will just have to see how this goes.

On specific days in a set rotation. If your life schedule doesn’t align with the rotation you may miss out on your favorite game type(s).

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actually now i wonder if there is competitive lucio ball this year…cause i think thats specific to summer event and not anniversary

I might not be so skeptical about the whole ordeal if each game type was available in the browser, but I’m fairly sure archives missions were never supported.

Listen, him being mentioned in lore is already a big deal, for someone so forgotten by that side of the game.
Skin would be just to much expectations…

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I have a question. Will OWL grey skins be included in this event ?

I do have to ask why anniversary is in the title though….

Like the one in may/June will make sense……but why is anniversary in title of event outside of that?

Zen got an OWL skin, lore skins are lame.