So uhhh... Where are the skins?

Twas not the correct implication I’m afraid. Nowhere did he suggest there would be more than just the remixed skins in these events.


So much for the team saying they’re going to be more transparent. If this was our lot for Remix Vol 1, they should have made that clear, instead of vague promises of new skins


That’s something an entitled person would say.

Given the first beta and OWL is almost here, and they were specific canceling events now through Summer Games…Seems pretty clear to me they’re aiming to ship PvP in late Summer/Early Fall and the skins they’re talking about are for OW2.


If that’s the case, why can’t they just tell us that? I don’t think it’s so bad to want clear communication regarding this


They did make it clear. You misread/misinterpreted.

In this quote Andy clearly specifies that the new skins in this event will be the remixed ones.

The quote WyomingMyst posted earlier was referring to a conversation that happened back when the Lunar New Year event came out. Andy said that they’d release more legendary skins this year than any year before. When the remix events were announced, people mistakenly assumed that he was referring to the remixed skins. So Andy clarified saying that he was not only referring to the remix skins in that original quote.


Andy has been clear that the Remix/recolors in general are not the skins that were referred to before.

As to why they won’t come out and set the release date, because developmental delays are always possible and people will flip if even a tentative date is given and then not met.

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Then they can just say something like:

“Please be aware that the new skins are not coming with this event. We currently expect these skins to be out somewhere around (relevant yearly quarter) but this may change based on development, so please understand if we’re unable to deliver them at this time”


What do you mean by “the” new skins?

We were promised more new legendary skins than ever this year and were told the remixed skins didn’t count towards this total


That we were. Just so we’re all on the same page here, this was the quote:

We were not told that. We were told that the remixed skins were not the only skins that counted towards that total, like people were mistakenly assuming.


Both the twitter announcement and Community Update were crystal clear as to what content (or lack of content) the Remix events contain.

And even a “aiming for X-quarter” statement is potentially quite bad for Blizzard. People are well out of patience and running on emotion, it’s better to not get hopes up until things are concrete. I would be very surprised if we hear a release date before we get to open beta.

Yes they are but I don’t see how that’s relevant here.

If you’re being promised sponge by your mother if you behave and get a washing sponge instead of a cake, you are going to get upset. That’s what happened here.

We were promised legacy skins. Considering Overwatch 2 is near, one could easily do the math and assume every legacy skins would be available.
This is not dubbed Anniversary but Anniversary REMIX. It was presented to us like a big event. The truth is, it’s just anniversary. And it took the place of other events.

So, would you like the sponge or the piece of cake?


honestly its not a sense of entitlement its more of we barely get content and skins are made pre event so how did we end up with this garbage of skin’s no offense but like i said there are non ow employees that made better skin ideas than this.


That’s the key bit of wording here. People made assumptions and are now disappointed. Don’t confuse promises with assumptions.

How does that saying about assumptions go again?

Do not expect new legendary or new epic, we will only have these “recolors”, if anything new from the OWL and that’s it.

I don’t know but I have a better saying for you instead.
If you deliberately misled people just to look good, don’t act surprised when they are pissed.
You’re basically saying the citizens trusting the word of a politician have only themselves to blame when the lying, cheating and stealing politician is actually the main problem.


That would be handling expectations and communicating effectively with the Overwatch community.

And we simply can’t have that Sinpai…


It says Remix Vol. 1.

Maybe Vol. 2 will come next week with a new set of six? But thinking about it, that’s perhaps a little ambitious.

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Vol.2 is anniversary
Vol. 3 is summer games