Is a fall release date for OW2 soft-confirmed?

The evidence:

  1. There are going to be 3 anniversary remix events, presumably corresponding to when Archives, Anniversary, and Summer Games would normally happen. The fact they aren’t doing one around halloween may imply that they won’t need filler content anymore because more substantial content will be out or near release by then.
  2. If the beta lasts for the exact same amount of time as the overwatch 1 beta it will end in early November. Not to mention how they seem to be treating OW2’s beta as a viral marketing campaign rather than an actual beta test so it may not need to last as long
  3. Blizzard is on record stating that there will be more legendary skins this year than any other year, and this doesn’t include Overwatch League skins and remix skins. So far we’ve gotten 3 skins this year, and aren’t getting any more of the usual ones from seasonal events, the rest of the skins are going to have to come from some new source, and I doubt they’d add anything like that to OW1

Sorry if I am teasing you on this, but I don’t see “soft confirmed” as something… confirming.

Unfortunately there really is no specific time frame for the beta rollouts, short of the first beta start date, or the actual release of Overwatch 2 PVP mode. We also don’t know when any testing, if there is any, of Overwatch 2 PVE will come out.

That being said, feel free to go into wild speculation… makes for good entertainment as I eat my popcorn.


kinda a generic moderator response and tbh I think he is correct and provides a lot of good evedience.

Yeah it kinda is, but I just want to make sure everyone knows there the facts do stand at the time of my post. Their speculation is logical, but it is still only speculation.

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A more soft-confirmed release date is in December, as the Nvidia leak this fall said December 1st 2022 for OW2. Although if that is before they internally delayed the release date of OW2, then some time in 2023 is more likely.

They made the remix events overtake only the next 3 events, while not saying anything about the rest events of the year, so they can focus on the beta.

I think it hints we are getting open beta, but it could also means pvp release this year.

Just to keep things clear, WyomingMyst is not a moderator or CM.

I think he may know that and his response is a relatively fair criticism. That being said, I have to be a little more strict about my wording these days and try to keep things factual with all of the news about OW2 coming out. I rather not have another Role Queue Beta incident. However, I still want to make sure what facts we know are made available to all of you to shape your conversations positively and constructively.

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I expect December, maybe. Holiday season. Preceded by an open beta.

I would love to hear more of this ‘incident’! We could call it “Story Time with WyomingMist”

just hopefully its this year lol. if it isnt then that would suck unless there is a BIG open beta for a while

Who cares, since they’ll have the exact same completely worthless matchmaking system.

Um… yeah.

The TL:DR is that I misinterpreted official information about how Role Queue was going to roll out and misled the community about how the 2-week “Role Queue Beta” season would go and players saw my responses at the time that they did not have to be serious about how they played in the Role Queue Beta, but in the end, their MMR from the beta did carry over to season 18. Scott Mercer did clarify for me publicly when I asked, and henceforth chaos ensued. I learned a good lesson that day and have been much more careful with how I interpret Blizzard’s official posts, news articles, and statements.