Are we going to see any Pharah changes soon?

On ps4 pharmercy is a huge problem. Top500 is filled with pharahs (4700+ sr). Its easily abused with no direct counter as widow is just trash on console due to sh*t sniping mechanics. I cant imagine xbox being any different. Maybe people there dont have the brains to figure it out, or they might have some dignity left to not play this OP combo. I can assure you that in psn diamond and above, the standard picks contain a pharah and a pocket mercy.


Yeah I defend my main, don’t you? Besides Pharah is not OP. I die a ton during matches because of how bad she is and how well the enemy can play against her. It often causes me to switch.

There are many direct and hard counters to Pharah: Widow, Mccree, Soldier,, Bastion, Sombra, Hanzo, Orisa, Winston, Ana, and Zen are all very good counters against her. People on Xbox don’t play Pharmercy often since they know that it is hated and they have dignity.

Pharah is not the problem. Pharmercy is the problem and that should be less of a problem now with the nerfs Mercy is received.

A lot actually, and when you see a Pharah

Folks seem to underestimate the value of harassment vs kills.

Hook falls well within her effective range

You know pickrates reference like over several hundred thousand players right? These heroes actually appear a lot more than you’re giving them credit for.

Probably not gonna believe me, but yeah, really.

Count the fact she can place turrets anywhere now and she can harass a good Pharah fairly easily.

Don’t undervalue harassment.

Or both as genji doesn’t simply rely on his ranged attack to secure elims. His dash is a good way to close the gap and make range.


McCree is one of the top picked DPS heroes across all ranks…


You say while having a picture of her best and easiest counter

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Not true at all dva is disgusting in terms of dealing with her a dva that can’t kill a pharah is a bad diva. Same can be said of Widow and Hanzo

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We’ve been trying some changes to Pharah internally. Some of those changes might make their way to the PTR next week. More details to come later.

92 Likes is probably the closest thing that comes to hard counter but she is still limited to 2 seconds dm and not being able to stay long in the air.


Shes kinda dominant at lower ranks though


The thing is they should receive full knockback, it’s very old bug.

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But why?

What needs changes?


She doesn’t need to becuase the amount of damage a dva can do to a pharah if there even reasonably good is nuts

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I take it you won’t be detailing those changes here? Oh well, thank you for taking a look anyways.

Thx Jeff. Will soldier receive some changes aswell?

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omg why… she is pretty balanced.

just nerf her on console… but leave her as she is on pc.


This pharah main is scared.
Anyway, thanks for the info!!!


Ok btw this post is just a mess in terms of pickrates they are useless unless you use them intelligently.
Nothing matters below GM and Masters. In Masters+ only Reaper Mei Solider Junk Sym Torb and Bastion have worse pickrates if that isn’t F tier it’s certainly D Tier

Do you think the Torb rework will make it there any time soon?

Got any previews for us Pharah mains out there?
Which direction are you taking her?


isnt it obvious… she wont be able to fly that high anymore so people can easier kill her. everyone complains about her flying.

But she is not consistent counter. If pharah is getting heals you won’t be able to kill her. Also you have very little window of time to do it.

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