An Easy way to Fix Genji deflect Hitbox


being balanced has nothing to do with having misleading hitboxes and visuals


He shouldn’t have to, look at how Genjis win rates are RIGHT in the middle of the set at all ranks.

Blizzard would have to be insane to change anything on a hero like that - ESPECIALLY in the name of balancing them.

I find the hitbox on it annoying. But, I play Mei, I UNDERSTAND the difference between annoying and OP.

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That, and there is that weird thing that if you kill Genji as he swift striked at the very last second, his corpse will fly towards you and still deals damage if the corpse collide, which is weird, and hilarious.


I do and have lost plenty of games because of it, it use to happen to me all the time as an Ana main. I’d shoot at someone else to heal them and Genji would still deflect it. Why are you against something that doesn’t change Genji’s power level? He’s not the only hero to ever have this problem. had an old version of matrix that blocked bullets a good 2 meters off to the side of the matrix. Thankfully that was fixed in about 2 weeks.


because it would change Genjis power level, AND it would lead to more complaints. If you could see it in game, MORE people would complain.

If I was Blizzard I wouldn’t touch it at all.

He \ She is worried that if people saw how big it actually is - people would demand a nerf in size. Because currently the size is about 3 Genji’s across about 1 meter above.


How? It doesn’t change the way the skill is used. If changing D.vas matrix by straight up nerfing it after her hitbox mishap didn’t ruin the character it won’t ruin Genji to change the animation while leaving the size the same.

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We’re working on updating both the hitbox and the VFX for an update in May or June (rough ETA, could be longer, no h8 plz)


Edit: HI REDDIT! :3
While you are here Jeff, could we (the community) talk about keeping PvE Archive missions permanent? There is no reason to put so much effort into an event game mode, just for it to be available for 20 days.


wow I can’t believe this

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Really? That is sweet! Thanks so much!

I am somewhat surprised :slight_smile: (as you would expect from my comments).

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Updating as in decreasing it? Or making the current hitbox more visible?

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Our prayers are heard


This is a question I wanted to ask do you think ever in the future there will ever be a way to refund competitive tokens?

As in you’re nerfing Genji?

I thought you said he wasn’t on your radar as imbalanced?

Or do you just mean that you’re trying to make it feel less glitchy and disjointed from its visuals? As that would be nice.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.

There’s no reason to h8, awesome news to be honest.


10 bucks say people are still going to complain about it after the changes go through


I mean Genji and Tracer are just hated heroes, and they’ll be hated even if they’re nerfed to the ground. People just hate them, no real reason.


Ana on the radar or waiting to see what pans out after all the new changes?

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