An Easy way to Fix Genji deflect Hitbox

The biggest issue with deflect hitbox is not really the “size”
but the Visual Fx.

The visual Fx of the sprite of “deflecting” is horribly misleading.
A good Video example,

Hitscan Test

Projectile Test

With that said it is apparent that what needs to be fixed is his Visual FX for his deflect.

So my Suggestions are either

  1. Change the Visual FX in such a way it has “Ghost Edges” at the borders of deflect. So players actually have an idea of the actual borders like reins shield.

  2. Change how to deflect looks entirely. Where he makes 1 massive slash during deflect and it creates a “Dragon Shield” in front of him that outline the borders perfectly.

Either way what needs to be changed is creating a visual FX so players actually know how big and how much in front it actually is, especially for units like McCree.

Information is a critical aspect of war, and by actually making the deflect hitbox “Hidden” proportions that is essentially a secret buff.


Yeah but genji is balanced, he may have a big deflect hit box but makes up for it in other ways


No… Just no Dirty you are wrong


Yes thank you for the constructive feedback that tells me why I’m wrong


Yes, Genji is balanced, but changing the visuals to show the actual hitbox is only fair. People would no longer feel like deflect has no counterplay and Genji would be less frustrating to play against in general. At the same time his power level would be just as high.


You never said exactly how he “makes up for it in other ways” either.
So you really can’t say your feedback was equally “constructive”.


Deflect does not need fixing.


Something tells me you posted without reading.


I read your suggestion. And I understand you do not ask for a nerf.
A) People should learn to know where the deflect ends. No visual clue is needed.
B) If the visal is so important for some player it is still much less important than any other stuff in the game. Blizzard has better to do than losing time on visual effect.


‘any post about genji must be someone who only wants to nerf genji’

I like your idea, OP. It’d be fair and wouldn’t nerf Genji in any respect, just give a better visual representation of his hitbox.


If you actually saw the second video.
Genji actually deflect goes 1m in front of him.

It showed Genji deflecting bullets when another character stood directly in front of him. Which means the Visual FX is extremely important.

If you saw the first video
If McCree was shooting a separate hero away from Genji, the bullet will still be deflected because of how big it is. Which means not even shooting Genji it can still be deflected.


Yes stuff happen. I’ve shot an helix once on the back side feets of a deflecting Genji and still took it right in the face. SO yes deflect is huge or maybe I had a lag issue at that moment and the genji was facing me on his screen. Whatever…
The point is it does not happen often enough to be of importance. You are not losing games because of it!

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Counterpoint, the size is actually the problem because it’s big enough to reflect things that are shot to the side of him, so when he deflects you can’t aim at stuff behind him.

Plus it’s a tanking ability which he can cancel out of with no indication to the enemy, which means no counter play.


I’m sure you had a lot of trouble with your beams being reflected from the side of him…

No counterplay to deflect…:confused: Just… Nevermind I’m so losing my time…


the easiest way to fix his deflect hitbox is to remove him from the game…just saying


3 Of the heroes that counter Genji deflect are not only the least picked but also lacks any sort of mobility. You can’t say counter-play when the counter-play characters are not even picked.

Why not do the opposite, Genji can only deflect beams and not hitscan or projectiles. That way you can equally say, Genji deflect does deflect, just only beams.


OK so no effects for anyone then. no projectile objects, no ults showing where they hit like rein’s ES, no hit markers or cross hairs, etc. heck lets even get rid of player models and maps since people should just know where things are.

I’m fine with knowing how to count cooldowns and when certain heroes ults would be charged but without effects for abilities they’re extremely hard to know when they end (unless you spend hours in privates games where you test each hero for hours upon hours testing EVERY heroes abilities and their ranges) especially since his deflect can go through walls and other heroes.



being balanced has nothing to do with having misleading hitboxes and visuals


He shouldn’t have to, look at how Genjis win rates are RIGHT in the middle of the set at all ranks.

Blizzard would have to be insane to change anything on a hero like that - ESPECIALLY in the name of balancing them.

I find the hitbox on it annoying. But, I play Mei, I UNDERSTAND the difference between annoying and OP.

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That, and there is that weird thing that if you kill Genji as he swift striked at the very last second, his corpse will fly towards you and still deals damage if the corpse collide, which is weird, and hilarious.