Known Technical Support Issues [Updated June 16, 2020]

Hey there everybody!

We’ll be using this forum thread to track known technical support issues, like conflicts which cause performance errors, crashes, and connection problems. Check out the list below, and give these steps a try before creating a new topic! Additionally, more bug-related issues can be found in the Bug Report Forum’s sticky.


  • No Known Connection Issues.


  • No Known Crashing Issues.


  • No Known Performance Issues.






Note 10, S10, S10e, and Pixel 3 XL - Fullscreen Notch Issue
This is currently a known issue. Please refer to the #bug-report forums to report the issue.

iOS - Game Crashes When Trying to Text Friends
There have been reports on an issue where some iOS devices will crash when trying to message or text. For updates and discussions on the issue, please refer to this thread.

Samsung Note S-Pen Not Working Correctly
The S-Pen has been reported to have a difficult time dragging and dropping cards. We are aware of the issue and working on a resolution, please refer to this thread for updates and discussions on the issue.


iOS Devices with Less than 3GB of RAM Crashes
Devices with less than 2GB of RAM may experience frequent crashes. This will impact iPad Mini/iPad Airs mostly. There’s also been reports of this with iPhone 6 devices.

Note: This may potentially be impacting iPad 6th & 7th Gen with 2GB or more memory.

If you are experiencing the same or similar issues as described, please continue the discussion on our main thread here.

Hearthstone is Invisible, but Sound Plays
This happens primarily on Acer Predator or Aspire laptops when the Intel Drivers are on version The common fix that we’ve found is to rollback the drivers to an earlier version. Here’s Intels 2016 drivers that we’ve found help fix the issue. Once it’s installed, follow the guide on Intel’s website here. You may receive a compatibility error otherwise.


Unable to Connect to Hearthstone on Only Mobile Networks
This is a known issue with T-mobile and Sprint Networks. Please review this post for more details on the matter and the workaround.

The current workarounds for this problem are the following:

  • Use a different connection or VPN to workaround the issue.
  • Switch from LTE to CDMA.
  • Change the APN to support IPv4 and IPv6 connections. Click here for the steps.

    While not supported by us, this should help workaround the issue.

    1. In your device settings, locate “Access Point Names” (APN)
    2. Open the selected APN and copy these settings down or screenshot it for later.
    3. Go to the APN, and create a new APN.
    4. Enter in what you wrote down/screenshot in step 2 into the new APN. Make sure the name is different. Do not save this yet.
    5. Find the APN Protocol on the new APN and change it to IPv4/IPv6. Do the same thing for APN Roaming Protocol.
    6. Save the APN, and make sure its using this APN. Once thats done, restart the phone.
    7. Try Hearthstone to see if this helps.

    The steps may vary depending on the device. For any further assistance, please check with the phone provider and manufacturer.