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[Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 19)

Introduction This build guide explains in painstaking detail the Zodiac Rend build, our strongest and most versatile Rend and Whirlwind build, for pushing solo Greater Rifts and speed-farming T16. If you’re familiar wit…

941 17 January 2020
Top 7 Solo + Group Barb Builds (Season 19)

Below you’ll find a list of popular Barb builds considered viable for pushing solo Greater Rifts and speed-farming T16 ranked from most powerful to least powerful in Season 19. These rankings are subject to change as the…

19 17 January 2020
[Guide] zDPS Support Barb (Season 19)

Updated for Season 19! Welcome to the definitive zero-DPS (zDPS) Barb guide. In this guide, you’ll find a wealth of information on zDPS builds, but the key things to note are: How to gear for different types of groups …

57 16 January 2020
[Guide] Fire LoN HotA (Season 17)

Greetings barbarians! ====================================== Build Introduction and Purpose ====================================== Welcome to the Season 17 guide for Fire LoN HotA. This build guide explains in detai…

50 12 January 2020
[Archive] Barbarian Greater Rift Clear Videos

Welcome to the Archive This is a master reference source that can help players refine their gameplay by watching videos of Greater Rift clears. Best of all, you can be featured in this archive! Have a clear video you w…

108 6 January 2020
[Guide] 2.6.7 MOTE6-Fjord-Echoing Fury-Cold/Pro-Slam +136 (NS & Season 19)

Created on 25th January 2019 Original Guide Previously at Fjord Cutter and Bracers of Destruction created in 2.6.7 were suggested by the community for this build at …

637 29 December 2019
[Guide] New + Returning Player's Guide (Season 19)

Hi folks. I’ve made this guide a WIKI so that various contributors can edit as needed. Hello there! New to the game? Returning for Season 19? First-time Barb? All the above? This is the thread for you! This thread c…

37 3 December 2019
[Guide] IK HOTA (Season 19)

This guide was original written by S4v4G3 on the original forum and under his permission I have taken over porting it to the new forum and maintaining it. Greetings! This guide will attempt to put some light on Hammer o…

42 1 December 2019
[GUIDE] VileCharge IK6.RK4 updated for S19

Skills & Gearing Example: Will be in future updates… need to build trust level. Guide Video: ' the guide parts are all in text, mainly at the top of the screen. It is just ove…

22 24 September 2019
[Guide] Raekor HOTA (Season 18)

Build Introduction and Purpose Welcome to the Season 18 guide for Raekor HOTA. This build guide explains in painstaking detail the Raekor-HOTA (R6 HOTA) build, the most powerful Barb build for solo play. It’s also one o…

13 28 August 2019
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