Horde of 90 savages NO BUFFS AGAIN?

Blizzard what are you doing? Come on this is last chance to make things equal. H90S is lacking in DPS badly. Only people with paragon over 10k were able to clear GR 150 on previous season!!! This set needs a buff!!!

What u talking about, bro? Previous season is 29? Here paragon not matter.

Or, u mean previous season is 28? Here, frenzy clear 150 with less than 3k paragon, not 10k!!

Frenzy got buff like 2 season ago, u not notice? Not download update or something???

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I would much prefer Frenzy loses 1 stack every 8 seconds instead of having all my stacks drop off like a cliff between packs due to the short duration.

frenzy is pretty decent. its supposed to be like our version of Gears (fast build, easy to play, high bottom). Think I poop out around GR145 with it. maybe the season theme will give it another +5 :slight_smile:

On a related note, I just acquired Savages as my first set and I’m having a blast with it with Bastion’s Revered and suddenly getting 21+ billion crits. Other than the set and that weapon, my gear is nothing to speak of (Endless Walk set, mediocre Esoteric Alteration gem, Blade of the Clans in the cube).

Due to having Blade of the Clans in the cube I’m enjoying using the free Earthquake/Avalanche from my already-boosted shouts that come as part of this set, but I feel that is not a good long-term solution. Or is it?

I also have Rechel’s ring with Terrifying Shout, which I feel is very hand at the moment due to providing a reliable source of double damage from my Savages set and keeping me from being overwhelmed (I don’t mind chasing down monsters with my enormous movement speed).

What skills (possibly supported by certain items - just keep in mind I’m a low-key player without tons of gear on tap) pair nicely with the Savages set in those remaining slots that aren’t occupied by Frenzy and Shouts?

And does it make sense to use Simplicity’s Strength gem with this set?

yes, very much so. simplicity strength goes well with savages. earthquakes and stuff? well, as long as you are having fun lol. you can check in-game to see the leaderboard and examples of builds people are using with the set. maybe you can get some ideas.

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