Permafrost Barb's experience is very bad

Although the Might of The Earth set has been buffed by 4 GR in patch 2.7.7, Permafrost Barb’s damage is still lower than expection. On the unique ladder of MoTE, Permafrost is 4GR lower in strength than Earthquake. The worst thing is that it is very difficult to kill the Jugernaut in fast clear, which is very sad.
So, dear Devs,my suggestion is,Fjord Cutter:Seismic Slam attacks 50% faster and deals 100% increased damage,also deals 150%~250% increased damage against Slowed or Chilled enemies.
By making this balanced change,Fjord Cutter can also increase 100% basic damage to all enemies, including the Jugernaut,I hope this a balance modification can be achieved in patch 2.7.8.