Travelers amulet rolls


Can anyone advise me which traveler amulet is better to wear? Im using azure (primal) and bracers aughlid with 20% cold on my frenzy barb.

Now I have been wearing this one:
+897str/10%/76% and coldesan (+730 STR) poison resist +207

I got these rolls recently: (the one below takes away 7% dps with coldesan 125 but has cold)
cold 18%/9.5%/59% secondary 7% ranged attack reduction +possible coldesan

1000INT/100%/10% +posible coldesan (with 125 its qual with dps but I can put 150 and it gives me ress all +100)

If these are the natural rolls, i.e. you didn’t have to change any of them at the Mystic to get it to be this way, then this is quite simply an absolute jackpot. You would reroll the INT into elemental damage to end up with…

20% Cold / 10% CHC / 100% CHD.

In each of them I had to change so that there was a socket or 10% cryt so they are as you can see and it’s about choosing from them as they are nothing can be changed.