Blizzard please buff H90 Frenzy

This build is very awesome i’m still angry there isn’t one like that in D4. But can we now at the end of Diablo 3 please get a much needed buff to this set? It just needs a little push.
Perhaps the 5 set bonus to 3000%? I think that might do it! PLEASE PLEASE CAN I FINALLY TRY TO PUSH FOR 150s with this build without being paragon 2000000000000?
PLEASE D3 TEAM!!! Just put it on the PTR next week please…Just to test it…just for maybe future balance…PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF DIABLO…

:rofl:, bro (!), have some dignity. Blizz just buffed the set.

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Well they didn’t buff it enough. That’s my point. It’s last time to fix this. EQ is crap too…need to buff that one as well