Raekor's advice

I am playing Raekor’s for the first time since the rework this season and I think I need some tips and have some possibly obvious questions.

Short version: Are my constant deaths in the bit of pushing I have done down to “git gud”, adjustments to the gear or the build just needing very good gear and higher paragon to function?

So I tried some light pushing over the weekend (Was around 900 paragon and not even fully ancient geared so have tons of improvement to do) and even at like 112 it felt like a real struggle to stay alive. Is this build just going to be a little angry glass man no matter what you do? I still cleared it in a quite comfortable time but died so much. Is it a case of just needing to get used to the build and how squishy it is and play better? I am still using Guardian’s because of my paragon, will CC make things go easier later on than I am feeling now?

I am using the Squirt’s setup at the moment, I have seen that Endless Walk is an alternative. Is the extra damage gem and set bonus going to compare with the loss of CoE or is it just way worse? I know I can check on the leaderboards if they use it but with the higher paragon/more skilled play I don’t know if that would apply to me. Or is Squirt’s also a case of just be better to make it work? I am quite bad at keeping it up with melee builds and of course Wildebeest doesn’t guarantee that in pushes.

Is it a good idea to have two sets of certain items to switch between push and speed GR’s? You need tons of CDR rolls to have 100% WotB uptime, but by using Messerschmidt’s in speeds you don’t need any of them. So does it make sense to keep looking for a second pair of rings and shoulders so you have one with CDR and another with that little extra damage roll for another level or 2 higher speed farming? Or is it not a big enough of a difference to spend too much effort/mats on it and I can rather just focus on good ones for pushing and have CDR-less ones if they drop?

I am really liking this build. My first ever build ages ago when I first played adventure mode was a crappy version of this with charge for fury and Boulder Toss so it is also a tad nostalgic. Would love to be able to push well with it too.

Thanks for any advice folks.

raekor + squirt = hard more my friend, usually people play raekor with capt crimson bcs it work perfect with the passive relentless, so when ur life low it will give u 50 % dmg reduction instantly and skill cost 50 % fury with capt set mean another 50 dmg reduction and at that time raekor set will gain more dmg bcs for 1% life missing the anceint spear will gain incrs dmg, the gem on helm now also have cdr and resource cost meaning u also gain anoter dmg reduction, the best is terror gem since it give u dmg and toughness base on how many skill on cooldown so usually people choose ip skill

if it still too hard for u , jsut use sword and shield passive which give u another reduce cost whcih when put with capt crimson set it mean another damage reduciton

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Thanks, will try some Crimson’s and see how it goes. Just assumed Guardian’s will be better for now but might as well try since I have tons of mats for crafting them.