Barbarian rework ideas for final patch

Here are some ideas on how i feel barbarians could be updated to further expand on the fun available with the builds, while maintaining balance.

Raekor (due for boulder toss nerf):

I feel Raekor boulder toss is very high in damage but is generally not fun to play due to this low life mechanic. Additionally, I have had the most fun with Raekor harpoon, so i think that is the build I’d like to see in its place. Here is how I would address this.

2 pc set: No changes

4 pc set: Gain the effects of the relentless passive while below 50% life (does not stack with the passive equipped). Increase healing from all sources by 75% when below 25% life. While your life is 50% or lower, ancient spear deals 150% increased damage

6 pc set: Hitting enemies with charge or weapon throw increases the damage of your next ancient spear by 5000%. This bonus does not apply to boulder toss rune. When hitting a rift guardian, all spears split from the target are redirected to the Rift guardian (Keep other text unchanged).

Skular’s Salvation: Ancient spear deals 400% increased damage. Double this bonus when hitting 5 or fewer targets. As long as ancient spear hits a target at least 20 yards away, the fury cost is refunded.

Three hundredth spear: The attack speed of weapon throw is increased by 200%, and further increased by 300% for 3 seconds after hitting bosses or rift guardians.

Arreat’s law: Remove fury cap text, add wall breaker ability to all runes of ancient spear.

Might of the earth:

I have found this set to be very easy to manipulate into not using the standard leap setup (due to the nature of whirlwind dust devils and zodiac interactions), which takes away from the intended leap fantasy. I suggest embracing the earthquake theme and removing leap from the set.

2 pc: No changes

4 pc: (Remove all text pertaining to leap). After casting earthquake, gain 250% additional armor for 10 seconds. Earthquake gains the effect of the molten fury rune.

6 pc: Remove seismic slam, boulder toss, leap and ground stomp from the 20,000% bonus.

Girdle of Giants: (Replace all text with this)

Earthquake deals 200% increased damage. When you spend more than 50 fury with a single attack, your next earthquake deals 20% more damage per point of fury spent. This bonus can only be applied to one earthquake every 4 seconds.

Immortal King (due for rework and buff):

Many players have requested a shield based revenge build. Immortal King is a great canditate for this change. With such a rework, all text in the set should be replaced.

2 pc set: While wearing a shield, reduce damage taken by 60%. All damage done by revenge is increased by 250%.

4 pc set: Gain 2 stacks of Immortal Rage when taking damage, up to 75 stacks. When you take fatal damage while at 75 stacks, enter Immortal Rage for 20 seconds. While in Immortal Rage, you cannot die. All damage dealt while in Immortal rage is increased by 500%. Once it expires, Immortal Rage has a 20 second cooldown (cannot be decreased by cooldown reduction).

6 pc set: Revenge consumes all Immortal rage stacks to deal 250% increased damage for each stack consumed. Revenge now hits all targets within 30 yards. Wrath of the berserker lasts forever and gains the effect of the Striding Giant rune

Lidless Wall (Barbarian Only): Increase critical hit damage by 100%. When you block an attack, gain 25% damage reduction for 5 seconds

Saffron Wrap: The damage of your next Revenge is increased by 40% - 50% for each enemy hit. Max 30 enemies

Ancient parthan defenders (Barbarian only): while wearing a shield, 20% of all thorns damage is applied to the weapon damage of all revenge casts.

Odyn Son (Barbarian Only):
Revenge deals 150% increased damage. Upon casting revenge, enemies within 50 yards not hit by revenge are taunted to attack you. This effect can occur once every 8 seconds.

What do you guys want to see in the barbarian for the upcoming patch?

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I’d like to see Weapon Throw have a proper buff.

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Id like them to give every barb unique legendary some kind of useful power. Vile ward, saffron wrap, etc. Dont care what as long as it does SOMETHING worth doing.

Immortal kings is a good do anything set. Maybe bump it up so you can do more than hota?

Give lamenation 250%
Lut socks could buff eq damage too

Give that lame third spear empyrean messenger the power of 2 additional chains for rage flip and steal the 1 good idea D4 has lol :wink:

Maybe buff one of the axes or hammers for weapon throw? Kinda thors hammer kinda chuck & duck vipe. Or that crappy bash mighty weapon maybe.


Dishonored Legacy needs such a revamp.

i agree barb should be buffed but everyone knows u like to play harpoon barb so why would the entire raekor build be updated to ur playstyle. :joy:

Wastes Set - 600-3000% increased damage.

With the 800 cap what are we supposed to do, farm GR80 for 3 months?


Make avalanche and seismic slam relevant to the leapquake build. I’m not sure how mechanically but it’d be cool to level out the contributions by beefing up the non quakes.

Revenge and overpower need serious juice to be relevant.

The majority of barb lovers like to be able to reposition mobs with the barb’s lovely set of pulling skills. The current raekor build doesnt really have room for that and therefore feels clunky. Harpoon is an example of one of the ways raekor can include a pulling skill. I’m down for whatever as long as its fun.