Torment bug .please help

Lvl 70 rend bard torment 90 .was easy to run through. Now when i try i keep dying .i did not change anything on the build at all.someone please help

You say you didn’t change anything but it sounds like you’ve lost your 6 piece set bonus. Or if you’re running LoD/LoN you accidentally acquired a set bonus which killed the legacy bonus.

It’s very easy to mix up some of the set pieces. I find myself doing it pretty much at least once every season… for example some of the Barbarian chests pieces look virtually identical until you mouse over them and see you’ve lost the bonuses.

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I took all skills off all gear .reset paragon points. Redid everything and now i am doing lvl 110 tormet. I never changed anything before lol.its was definitely a bug of some sort

Since you don’t seem to have a Profile here, I assume you are playing on a console.
It might have been a bug, but this is for reports on PC .

This is the Barbarian Forum.  

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So it is. Oops. My mistake.

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It was a bug and i am playing on switch.made just trying to get lvl 125 whisper of atonement lol .just figured out to use pliiars at lvl 100