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Welcome to the new Beta! (15)

Welcome to the new beta forums. We're glad you're here!   We’re always working on making the app more user-friendly, more informative, and more customizable; this beta is a preview of just some of the f…

Doesn't remember last size and position (3)
Support stopped Windows (1)
Battlenet app failed download (1)
MW Install Folder changes back to default (1)
Separate window for friends list (12)
Can you Increase the max number of people on friends list? (1)
Can't update wow because beta launcher won't update (6)
[Long post]: My first impressions of the beta build (1)
Feedback: Allow Classic View (1)
Picture is blurry in 4k (4)
Chaning phone number (1) Agent lange lade zeiten (German) (1)
Move function on all over the edge (1)
[Bug] launcher OverWatch Region (1)
Breaking news area can be hijacked and content changed (1)
"Lost connection to Blizzard servers" every 3-4 hours (1)
Battle net (cr)app (2)
Please dont change the app (1)
Overwatch region (2)
These freaking Mic clicks or noise (1)
The auto full-screen without resizing is absolutely nutters (1)
Starcraft is not default (1)
Starts outside of monitor (4)
Why can't I click a "Games" button anymore (1)
Can't download beta (1)
Beta does not fit on a 4:3 screen (2)
Categories on Friend list (4)
Option to disable video autoplay (3)
Empty zone on the UI (3)