desktop app keeps logging me out app CANNOT keep me logged in. I have to type in password every time. It appears the latest app update broke it. It is windows 10 home platform.


Same here for the last day or so. I’m thinking of getting back off the beta of the desktop app and see what happens. When I did a search on it, it was all about reloading/restarting the router, the ISP, the computer, etc. Hey, Blizz, I’M not the problem.


To be fair, I took the time to do all the resets that the troubleshoot asked. It is still an issue. None of the resets helped and the launcher is still not remembering the password like it did just over a week ago. I am trying not to jump ship on this testing and hope that they figure this out sooner rather than later, but I may switch back off beta for a while and check back at a later date to see if it is fixed or not.

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same here. and i see you guys are on the beta but i am not, which bugs me more because all i did was simply update it :frowning: also the new update is ugly lol

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Hey all,

Bliz is aware of the session expired issues. They are investigating it and looking for a fix. You can follow the thread in the Tech Support forum for any possible updates.

Just so everyone knows, this issue is also being seen in the classic launcher. I am just now coming into the use of the beta version is hopes it would solve the very issue being talked about here, so in learning that others are having this issue with the beta as well, I figured I should jump into the conversation and add, it is happening with the classic launcher too. Unless I just logged out less than a minute before coming back into the launcher, it would require me to log back in and re-authenticate. Prior to coming into the beta version of the launcher, I had already gone through the trouble shooting processes listed for this issue for the classic version. All of this is has happened within the last 30 to 40 hours.

I am running Windows 10 on an i7 Desktop computer with AVAST as my anti-virus, which has exceptions for everything Battle . net related on my machine. For those who don’t know, Battle . net has other essential files located in your user files under AppData, Local and Roaming folders, so if you haven’t might want to give those files clearance pass security to allow battle . net to behave like it is supposed to.

Same on Beta…of all weekend.
When I go to log into the

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Same to me since yesterday - no difference if pc is freshly booted or send to sleep … please fix this issue !

As of today it is still being an issue?

Honestly my password is gibberish and I don’t want to go to password manager everytime to enter it. So this is one less customer/player of yours being frustrated by a stupid issue which you can’t even fix for 5 months

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still an issue.

Still an issue as of Sept 26, 2023. Very annoying

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Still an issue on this side as well 10/6/2023 is there a Hotfix for this yet?

mac user here, same issue with session

Also a mac user, still an issue. If I close my macbook for a little while I will be logged out.

PC issue, keeps logging out
Reinstalled launcher multiple times, cleared all the suggested temp folders, still not fixed.

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Ever since the last update, I am having issues with battle net automatically logging me out and logging me back in. If I am playing D4, it kicks me out of the game. I have uninstalled and reinstalled battle net launcher app and uninstalled D4 and reinstalled it and it is still doing it. Is there any fix to this yet? It is so frustrating.

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me too, it’ll keep logging me out on a security check and logging me back in and it disconnects me while playing overwatch every time. it’s so annoying

Very buggy app. Switch from one game to another and I have to log in again. Try to login again and get an error that I’m already logged in.
Tick the tickbox ‘keep me logged in’ and it never does.
There’s security and there’s poor coding. This is the latter.
The idea that more tech means better security is flawed.

Same issue for me. As of recently, I am being logged out many times per day.

This is getting so annoying, I am having this problem now since 4 months and nothing helps.