Can't see War Within Alpha on

Please help! I checked version in world of warcraft, no alpha for war within. help!

If your Battlenet account was granted Alpha access, the game will appear in your drop down list above the Play button on the WoW Retail tab.

If you are sure you should have access, you can reboot your PC to kick the launcher into updating. You can also try a Battlenet Password change to force all data flagging on your account to update, then repeat the reboot and log in process.

If that still fails, contact the person who granted you access - assuming you are on one of the special lists.

If you do not have access, then the game will not show up. Keep in mind that Alphas are very limited and there are not many invites. Most go to Staff, Friends and Family, influencers, press, then a portion to randomly selected individuals from the opt in pool. Beta is still Closed, but more people from the opt in pool get invited.