Download Limiter Oversight?

Recently I was doing an initial download of a game. Not an update or pre release download, just the initial download.

I was in the launcher’s settings trying to limit the bandwidth and I noticed that no matter which available field I typed a number in, nothing happened. In other words, it just stayed at maximum.

Looking at the available setting, you have options for limiting “Updates” and “Pre Release”. However, could this issue be because you don’t have a setting for initial downloads? There was at lease one other that I found that had the same issue:

I’m using the beta versions. I don’t know if this is happening in the live version as well.


Same here, i just came to post. Tried both beta and non. I live with others and for games like cod, that take hours to download, this isn’t fair to my roomates. I posted about this about a week and a half ago, then it started working right after i posted, but now its not again.

It is definitely an issue. The download limiter used to work but in both live and Beta versions, it doesn’t.

Similar issue with beta. I set download time to a night time but it still kept on downloading at full speeds during the day.

same for me i wach TV now and downloading mw2 so with many pauses because is downloading at max speed… D:

We suggest adding a way to cap download speed at the start in the launcher, making it easier for folks with limited bandwidth.

Hi, I just wanted to reply: I have the same issue, but now I look the limiter works. So maybe it turns on after a while.