Trouble launching

The app will not start and I can not seem to uninstall the client to re-install it.

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Having the same issue.

A Required DLL could not be found. please download and reinstall

Tried installing new and no luck.

My problem on this is more like I can’t get it to run do to Secondary Logon problems I already created the so called “Admin” Account it asks for but it still keeps saying that it needs Secondary Logon even while logged into both accounts can some one plz tell me what I’m doing wrong? I just want to Play Overwatch on my new Nitro 5.

I think it is referring to the Secondary Logon service…
you might want to check its status.

i cant log in to the battle net app i have tried everything and they make it so hard to contact support these days i deleted cache i redownloaded the app i guess i just cant play battlenet games

Then you haven’t been trying very hard.

This forum here is for feedback on the Beta version of the Battle.Net Desktop App – aka, the Launcher. It is the wrong category for asking or getting support for technical issues on the Launcher.

The correct category for support would be Desktop App Tech Support; if you post there, you need to provide a lot more details on why you can’t login the Battle.Net app – are you getting an error code, for example.

You can also contact Blizzard Support with a ticket… here – select the appropriate category (account, payment, or technical) and sub-category for the issue according to the issue you are facing.

Good luck with that.