Logging out when resuming from sleep

Recently when I’ve reawakened my computer from sleep mode, Battle.net says it has errors connecting then logs me out - requiring me to type in a password, and enter an authenticator code.


Same here - macos sonoma beta version, it started happening a few days ago

Ditto. I’ve had to revert to Standard as it defeats the purpose of ticking “Remember login details”.

I’ve also had to revert back to the standard client. I put in a ticket to support and I got told to report it to the WoW forums for whatever reason.

Basically the same thing here on two different desktops running Windows 10 and 11 on Beta Battlenet App. Either when the app wakes up from sleep or runs for the first time since the desktop has rebooted, it will throw BLZBNTBGS80000023 (47). If it is waking from sleep, it has the chance to show you a screen saying that you’re stuck in queue as its a busy day for blizzard, but it never ends.