Logging out when resuming from sleep

Recently when I’ve reawakened my computer from sleep mode, Battle.net says it has errors connecting then logs me out - requiring me to type in a password, and enter an authenticator code.


Same here - macos sonoma beta version, it started happening a few days ago


Ditto. I’ve had to revert to Standard as it defeats the purpose of ticking “Remember login details”.

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I’ve also had to revert back to the standard client. I put in a ticket to support and I got told to report it to the WoW forums for whatever reason.

Basically the same thing here on two different desktops running Windows 10 and 11 on Beta Battlenet App. Either when the app wakes up from sleep or runs for the first time since the desktop has rebooted, it will throw BLZBNTBGS80000023 (47). If it is waking from sleep, it has the chance to show you a screen saying that you’re stuck in queue as its a busy day for blizzard, but it never ends.

Same here, sleep mode logs out the desktop client

Same here… has been happening for several weeks. It also gets stuck on attempting to sign-in after coming out of sleep mode. Have had to force battle.net to quit… then go back in. Please fix

If you search “battlenet keeps logging out” the first thing is a forum where blizzard answers that they fixed this issue, but you might need to reinstall and delete battlenet folders.
They fixed nothing! Still keeps logging out.

Yeah, me too. Still havent fix this and its a pain.

still no fix to this? still happening to me as well. Now the retry button doesn’t even work so I have to fully login each time. BLZBNTBNA000001F4 get this too afterwards. Seems to depend on sleep time as well. If its asleep for like under 5 min, it resigns in correctly. If its longer than that though, it fails on the login.

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Still having this issue and have been for a while. At least since OP wrote this post.

I’m still having this issue too. Please, Blizzard, can you provide any update?

This is so annoying! It’s happening everyday. Make it stop!

Bump, get disconnected and unable to log back in unless I restart the battle net application. Happens every time I wake my computer from sleep.

Guess I’ll add a me too here. MacOS Sonoma 14.1.1

I have the same issue for a while …

100% exactly like this. Happens everytime to me. Battle.net Version on Windows 11

this keeps happening to me too. It’s very annoying, it’s hard to think about something more urgent to fix in the battle net client than this.

There was a thread in the non-beta forum but Blizz incorrectly closed it BLZBNTBGS80000023 Log in session has expired?! - #132 by WGod05-2744

This keeps happening to me too. Very annoying indeed.