Waiting on another update (spoiler: there is none)

Because of update problems on the beta downgrade to the basic launcher.
Now on the basic launcher, it say’s: “Waiting on another update.” for Warzone
There is no other update… ?! Update button does nothing.
Bar stays at 0%
Updating cold war also doesn’t help, it is stuck in the same way… again.
If this is a new queueing mechanism it is unclear what it does and how it prioritizes you…
At least should there be a number that you are on the list or a waiting indication?
But just think it doesn’t work at all… and need to deinstall and reinstall over 200GB again?!
Please fix.


Same problem here. Also I did a fresh install of Warzone and battle.net client but no success either.


Got the same issue with COD MWII

same issue honestly it’s making me want to move cod to steam