Grouping people in different groups on our friend list

Can we get a feature where we can group our friends?
My list has a lot of people from a few games, i have my favourites and friends but would like to have them grouped up like guild for wow, clan for call of duty and other groups. Would like this feature due to the amount of searching through people when trying to join people in a game of CoD.

Thank you for letting us decide on what games to display and what not to display.


wondered about, this feature isnt still there. every other game launcher got this option…

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That idea is inherently judgemental. Definitely grouping you with the rest of the racists on my friends list.

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Blizzard please add this feature. We are in 2024 and the friendlist can hardly be customized. Grouping friends into Call of Duty Friends, Overwatch Friends and whatever people choose to group them into shouldnt be missing. Thanks