New update available. Check it via the launcher. *no update there*

Back with another complaint about the updates…
I’m sure a lot of people must have this same problem?!
After I could play for 2 days after my previous posts about failing updates…
Again now I have this problem…
Warzone says “New update available. Check in launcher”…
Then you check or force check updates in launcher and it doesn’t give any updates… and the game doesn’t work… only option is Quit…
Guess I have to wait again until it gets fixed?


same Problem for me.


I uninstalled, deleted all blizzard and battle net caches on disk… also deleted the warzone map. Then reinstalled battle net, reinstalled warzone… downloaded 200GB and it stays hanging on the last 524kb of data… forever.
Then closed battle net… restarted it… and the update is stuck in the loop again…
No game to play… Really hope this gets fixed soon.


Easy fix. Update your GPU (graphics crad drivers) restart PC and boom update warzone and enjoy!


This is it right here. Nividia had an update for their graphics cards. Update graphics card via Geforce Experience then scan for an update in launcher small update.

Just got an Intel Arc A770 16GB not too long ago. I’m having this problem just starting today. Unfortunately, there’s clearly no update available for either my drivers, my game, my OS, or anything else relevant and I’m currently stuck.

EDIT: There was a large windows update. Installing it seems to have fixed the issue.

seeing the same issue :frowning:

Same issue here now trying an update on gpu hopefully that works

Thanks for this solution

No GPU updates for me. Restarted PC. Went into task manager and closed out all stuff and still nothing.

[update now]