Why do YOU play a warrior?

Why? Because you hit things in the face with chunks of metal. Oh, sure, paladins do that, but they have the light to protect them. You have a chunk of metal strapped to your arm. When a DK wants to start a fight, he selectively pulls someone from far away into melee range with him.

You? You charge in and slap it in the face with a chunk of metal. When a Druid wants to self-heal, it casts a spell. When you want to self heal, you kill something and get so excited about it that when you attack the next thing, slapping it with a chunk of metal causes your wounds to close. When a rogue wants to kill a god, it sneaks up and stabs it in the back. When you want to kill a god, you leap fourty bleeping yards so you can start smacking the god around with chunks of metal.

You don’t have magic or energy or runes or chi, you just have the sheer power of how pissed off you are. When people need to be inspired, you shout at them until they feel stronger. When a warlock wants to scare someone, he works dark magic.

You? You scream so loud everyone runs like a girl. When a mage wants to interrupt someone from casting a spell, they throw their own magic to prevent it. You slap him in the face so hard he forgets what magic is.
Play a warrior. Be a badass.

Not the author… but still an inspiration ^.^


Mate. We’re 1s and 0s.


It’s a fantasy role-playing game. If you embrace the 1s and 0s side too hard, that’s when you stand up and walk out into the sunlight.


Varian Wrynn made me want to play warrior!! He was an amazing warrior and his lore is so inspiring


Because theres no melee battlemage class except enh shaman and blizz doesnt like that spec so warrior it is


The 1s and 0s are the only things that make sense anymore.


Cause I wanted to play dps with a polearm, thank goodness for transmog.

Unholy DK have pets and an ugly aesthetic.

Ret pally is too shiny, and I didn’t like the race choices for Alliance.

Surv Hunter has stupid animations and also has a pet.

Frost Dk, Windwalker: are DW 1h = no polearms.

Druids might as well have no weapon as you are always transformed.


Posted on my phone and was on wrong character. Used to play a druid a long time ago.

I am bound by this awesome transmog


Oh also finger/hand problems have pushed me toward playing with a controller. Melee is more friendly on a controller than ranged.


OP summed it up best. There is just something about playing a warrior or barbarian in a RPG. We use no magic, no tricks, no outside powers. We rely solely on our biceps and the steel in our hands. And we make the Gods themselves fear our muscles.


Well said ^.^

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I too am a fellow polearm lover though I usually settle for axes.

There arent enough great polearms in game, nor spears.

I want to play arms so badly i wish i didnt hate it


Unholy has too much ramp up time and frost only uses 1h weapons

As a warrior, all I need is me and my weapon. Everyone else needs a coke back with their whiskey


Brute force
Punching power
Law enforcement
Armed forces…

Yeah, I have plenty more reason why I play warrior :+1:


Because by tha flames of tha forge if I was gonna have any dwarf I’d be a hunter or warrior, an’ tha heritage armor settled it!


Well, since I’m on an RP realm, mostly for the illusion of playing a Kaldorei Paladin. I think this transmog works pretty well for that at least. And I wanted a plate-wearing Nelf that wasn’t a DK.

But Warrior gameplay did grow on me, so that’s an added bonus.


Because… Dwarf!


Because they are almost as awesome as my SV Hunter. And, although I hate to admit it, I like being the underdog.