Surprised we have not had any news


With the rumor about hundreds of job cuts at acti-blizz taking place, there could very well be a delay. Might be some restructuring in the works.

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Blizzard themselves have no idea what kind of success they are about to have with classic. If they knew, they’d focus more on this instead of the crappy BFA nonsense.


hard to tell shareholders that the they are putting all their effort into a 14 year old game with no sign of profit yet. If Blizzard was smart enough they would just ignore the shareholders and put the entire WoW Dev team 1 and 2 onto Classic and make sure it is perfected before its release this summer.


None of the job cuts mentioned in the article posted are directly related to game production.

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Well, BFA is obviously not the answer. The reason I anticipate great success for WoW classic is that I’ve seen it happen in other games.

Dark Age of Camelot’s private server with mostly vanilla content has more players than the retail game. Everquest has a pretty famous private server locked after the 2nd expansion with more players than most retail EQ servers. Everquest also releases their own progression servers and they are also more popular than the latest expansion. The WoW private servers that were infamously shut down by Blizzard were jam-packed with players 24/7…with those servers being much busier than most standard WoW latest expansion servers.

WoW was a much, much bigger game than both of those. The chance of a smash success for classic is pretty much guaranteed.


Those are some of the coolest conversations I think I’ve personally had about the project with the Classic team. As a fanboy I honestly get a little giddy about them. I don’t want to overhype them because not a lot of people are that excited about restoring old maps, or UI elements. Like I said before we look forward to sharing more specific details and even some examples of how the team managed to solve some problems that we think are pretty interesting.

I totally get the concern, but to comfort the thought that comes with that, this isn’t a normal project. It’s a passion project for you folks that have been diehard Classic fans and have been asking us to provide a real Vanilla server for over 10 years. We know we haven’t won over all of you yet, and some are waiting to see a closer final product, but the team is dedicated to trying to pull it off.

Blizzard Quarterly Review today
No Classic in 2019
OPTIONAL graphic updates
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OPTIONAL graphic updates

If you don’t want to talk about restoring old maps, how about one little jpg of a screenshot of the Thousand Needles restored to its former glory.

As far as winning us over, we want to be won over. We’re begging to be won over. I can’t speak for anybody else on the forums, but I appreciate you coming in to at least let us know we’re not forgotten. And I know it’s early, but if you could leave a Post It on somebody’s desk and have them get back to us with a definitive position on guild banks, a lot of us would appreciate it.

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no sharding confirmed.

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Fantastic to hear. Also…


Thank you for the feedback. Please keep those blues coming!

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If we cant do glowy hands with scrolls classic will be a failure.


Thank you for re-clarifying this. There has been a lot of people on here stating that things like tokens and xmog will creep in because money… They will probably still ignore what you said here anyway though.


While I haven’t thought that tokens or transmog would be in the game, the truth is that sharding and loot trading have already been added, as you so eloquently stated, because money.

This is why some of us are waiting for more details. All of the passion in the world that players have means nothing in the face of orders from on high.

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Lets be real here. Nothing Ythisens said, removes doubts that any of that stuff will not be in Classic.


Why are these things because of money exactly? I think you are misinformed here.

I mean there shouldn’t be anything that needs to be said to remove doubts as there shouldn’t be anything to suggest that these things will even have a chance to get into classic.


I hope the team is being mindful of shifting technological trends. For example, mobile devices have really taken off since WoW’s original launch. Everyone has a smart phone or tablet. Mobile tech has made huge gains over the last decade, and the devices are very powerful, and even capable of generating 4k graphics.

It might be wise to consider developing Classic WoW for mobile devices, or else you might miss out on a large market share. It would be a disaster if you spent all this time and money developing the game for a platform (desktop PCs) that very few people will still be using by the Summer of 2019.

We need to be realistic about "no changes"
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So you’re just going to ignore when Blizzard a couple days ago talked about laying off hundreds of employees? How do you think they will increase their revenue when right now very little is being developed? It is my opinion they will try to milk their golden cow which is WoW and OW right now. To me it’s not that hard to understand.

Yeah if they released that news people would be up in arms. Also the experience of WoW on mobile in my mind would be a disaster. The game is way to fast to play on mobile and people would notice those playing on mobile by their action frames and most likely would be kicked. It would be an all around terrible experience.


Wow classic mobile with facebook integration every time you join a group!


They already have Twitter integration in modern WoW, so I don’t imagine adding Facebook, or other social media platforms, would be overly-difficult. It could really strengthen the community, while also helping to market the game.

We need to be realistic about "no changes"

You have no clue what you are talking about. Read the articles that actually talked about the layoffs and you would understand that this has nothing to do with classic.

I am not going to have a conversation about a topic with someone who literally knows nothing about that topic.