Surprised we have not had any news


I was really believing Feb 1is there would be something announced or some news or interview given to keep the hype train rolling.

I understand they don’t want the fire too hot too early, but I still thought we would hear something.

My fear that the Activision blight as infected all levels of Blizzard is strong.


Soon TM
When it’s ready TM

(Elbardo) #3

Rest easy, no news is good news.

(Fisticuffred) #4

Actually, I would think that Activision influence would push it out before it was ready. I’d much, much rather it be Soon™ than them push a flawed product to meet a deadline.

(Elbardo) #5

A buggy and incomplete game would be the best since it would be more authentic to the actual release.


the news is that there is no news

(Nicho) #7

Unpopular opinion time! Why do you need news? They have said what their plan was and what they plan on doing which is make it as close to vanilla as possible. They listed the changes that they had in mind so you can assume those are sticking. This isn’t like a new expansion where we need news on what new models will look like, what new abilities will do, or what change they will make. They are making vanilla.

(Gildark) #8

Maybe I’m being very foolish in my line of thinking here, but I’m not worried about meddling from Activision in Classic Wow, or at least not for the initial release. I feel like the target audience has made it pretty clear that things like a cash shop will deter potential subscriptions.

Down the road if subs of people purely playing Classic drop, it wouldn’t surprise me though if they go back on this and start making “suggestions” on how to monetize the playerbase.


We waited waited 8 1/2 months between Blizzcon Nov 3rd 2017 and the Dev Watercooler post on June 15th 2018 when we received our first update.

Its been 3 months since Blizzcon 2018.

Have some patience, information will come.

(Nicho) #10

And if it doesn’t who cares, news isn’t going to release classic any sooner. News now is worthless in the summer.


Following other WOW releases…I think betas were announced something like 6 months from release.

Using that logic…since Blizz said WOW Classic would be a Summer 2019 launch (September-ish), then that would put a beta coming out sometime in February.

That said, I’d figure you’d get something announced soon…even if a beta isn’t planned for another few months.

(Nicho) #12

No offense here but there is no logic in comparing an expansions need for a beta or the amount of time needed to a remake of vanilla.


Release date would be great! People need to know this info for scheduling their lives.

(Nightsëa) #14

Sorry but what you are saying is only your opinion. I care about news and don’t understand the difficult of write a text saying: “Hey guys, this month we worked on those things, next phase we will work on this and this map.”


I disagree…since they are having to build Vanilla from scratch, using the new client, there are a ton of changes that are having to be made to recreate 1.12.

In addition, they’ve admitted to having lost a lot of the assets and data used during that era of the game…in many cases having to go off of memory, screen shots, and other artifacts to accurately reproduce all the mechanics as they existed.

Private server emulations of patch 1.12 are not 100% accurate and in many cases went about achieving things in the game very differently than how Blizzard did them. Go read up on the interview the Blizz dev team had with the Nost devs when they brought their emulated version of Vanilla in for testing.

It may not be 6 months worth of testing, but there are a lot of things that will need to be checked and re-tuned.

(Nicho) #16

So the news they give us about their development will be useful to us during a time where classic is out? Yeah you may ‘care’ about news… but it isn’t going to help or change anything.

(Nightsëa) #17

And stay silence will help?

(Nicho) #18

They aren’t making it from scratch though. Yeah they have to change a lot of textures and abilities and such to function like vanilla did but they are by no means making it from scratch.

Uhhhh didn’t they say the exact opposite? Pretty sure they said they have the source code and everything… unless you are thinking about private servers and how they made their servers. But even still… what does this have to do with the need for a beta? Or how long it will take to test a beta? It doesn’t

Relevance please? You are just rambling about something completely unrelated to what I said.

There are a lot less things that need checked and re-tuned as well, which is my point behind the first post of saying it isn’t logical to compare an expansion beta duration to classics.

(Nightsëa) #19

News don’t affect or change nothing, stay silence don’t help or affect nothing. So what’s the news issue? Saying again, don’t understand the difficult of talk with your players, with your customers like others companies do


Well, there is the good and bad with transparency with the user base.

On one hand, it could be helpful to generate interest and get feedback on the development of the game…as it’s happening.

But does Classic WOW have a problem with generating interest? The only reason it is being worked on now is because it’s one of those rare situations where the public spoke so loudly that they were forced to listen. Also, the scope of the project is pretty tight…version 1.12, with minimal changes…so feedback from the community isn’t all that helpful.

On the other hand, sharing more information may just stir the pot of points of conflict within the community and will create a lot of noise to sift through for meaningful feedback.

I’m totally with you…I’d love to get something from Blizzard to hold me over…just playing devils advocate.