Reserve Your Name in WoW Classic on August 12 at 3:00 p.m. PDT

No layering


Can anyone good with timezones confirm the Australian eastern time?

Will US Monday the 12th at 3pm be AUS Tuesday the 13th at 8am?

Monday August 12th PDT 3PM will be Tuesday August 13th AEST 8AM

If you log into the character the name is reserved for like 10 days when you delete. At least that’s how it is in retail


@Ralanbék Great, thanks!

Make sure you log into your character before deleting. It should reserve the name for like 10 days for your account to use. At least that’s how it is in retail.


Also, don’t forget the timezone too :).

Edit: timezones have probably been mentioned 1000x times in this thread already lol.

Yep. More likely to get Timezone than Data Center.

Just wait for an off period before release. Create it quickly at creation launch and then wait till like 3 am Thursday morning and remake them if you’re worried about the name getting swiped immediately.

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That all good BUT how i will know wich realm is US EAST or US WEST with only a character creation screen ?

I’m just going to start quoting myself over and over now.

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Tuesday 13th 8:00am for East Coast Aussies. :slight_smile:

Just one RP-PVP please :slight_smile:


I thought the implementation of phasing/layering was to prevent this so queues werent a thing. Were we lied to?

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No, just ignorant from the start.


Ignorant? How so? The main arguement for layering was exactly this.


Realm population stability after initial launch drop.

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Thats a big fat nope. It was explicitly stated it was for server stability, to alleviate long queue times, and also to help out with starting zones.

Your reasoning is an ancillary one, which is a plus, but not the main reason as was stated.

If you delete a character during the name reservation period, the name of the deleted character will be available for others to use right away. This is how it works in the live game as well. Only characters listed on the character creation screen will have their names reserved and you won’t be able to hold additional names by deleting characters.