Name reservation on friend account

Why wouldn’t it work? If he has the name, then no one else can take it.

Should work. I plan to do that for my wife’s character name, in case she ever decides to play Classic.

There might be a delayed release of the name again, i.e. might not be available for a day or two.

Never let ANYONE have your creds! EVER!! This is how things get hacked.

Just FYI :slight_smile:

Names are held for a period even after the character is deleted


no they are not, you can go test that on retail or the stress test server.

might be different rules for higher level characters, but for level 1s, nope, easily testable. unless the name resevation system for classic has some special parameters, OP should be able to.


Do we know how long the name is held ? People have different opinions as to if the name is held to the account for a moment or not after being deleted…what is the official answer ?

They are on retail between accounts.

You had someone create a character on an account you don’t own. Log into the game. Log out and delete that character.

Then you created a character with that name?

Highly doubtful

It’s pretty long, a month maybe.

It’s to deter people from sniping names in hopes to sell them.

Didn’t we get like a blue post on this?

Brb I’m gunna look.

The first response you received is the best one. Regardless of what is SUPPOSED to happen, anything goes at launch. (e.g. WOD and the ability to login)

Found it…


Actually read that again. That post doesn’t make much sense in that we don’t have a name reservation period.

I remember doing that when WoW first came out

I think the the name reservation/create a character will be open from Monday until launch.

I’ve just tested this on two accounts but on same Battlenet account. I was able to delete from one account and create the same name on a different account. This was all within a few seconds.

Seeing how there will probably be some more creating characters on launch day, you may want to test this out yourself and coordinate with your friend.

Names are only reserved on retail in two scenarios:

  1. The character’s name was changed as part of a paid service, or
  2. The character was level 30 or higher and was deleted.

In the first scenario, the name reservation lasts 90 days. In the second, it only lasts 30 days. Since all the characters on Classic are level 1, the names will not be reserved if the characters are deleted.

That’s not true in some cases. I had a name on a server, deleted the character then rerolled immediately with the name. Perhaps the hold is placed for different accounts?

Be easier to just reserve it yourself.