Character customisation

Do we have any confirmation from Blizzard that the character names we have reserved will be “locked” to our accounts once Classic launches?

I know a lot of us probably took whatever default race and look we were presented with when trying to reserve names, in an effort to do so as quickly as possible to secure as many names as we were after. That means resesigning the looks of those charaacters later, which involves deleting them and recreating them.

Has there been any information from Blizzard that we’ll be able to keep the names we reserved to our accounts once Classic launches so we can safely delete the placeholder character and re-roll it to properly design them?

If you delete your characters then their names are open to someone else.

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As long as you don’t delete the character, you have it. However, like many of us, you can delete the character, and re make it, in the dead of night when no-one is likely to steal it from you…

Do it now. There are no additional protections. Level 1 names are not held.

I doubt you’ll lose your name in the 20sec it takes to remake your toon. That was the case during the big Name Reservation rush but it won’t be at launch.

I understand all of this and don’t have a problem with it. What I’m asking is - after the gmae goes live - will we have a window of time where the names we have reserved will remain reserved to our accounts, giving us the time to redesign them without chancing the name being taken by someone else.

I’m not looking to to this now, I’m looking for assurance from Blizzard that our reserved names will remain reserved to our account after launch.

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No. Read link above. Deleted character names are immediately available to others in the live game.

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When you make the character now, try to make sure they look how you want them to. If not, yes, you will have to delete them at launch, and try to remake them as quickly as possible.

I’ve deleted and recreated my name 4 times now.
Unless you’ve got a super cool name that everybody wants like “Chromie” or “Butts” I doubt anyone will take your name out from under you in the 30 secs it takes to customise your look.

With that being said:
Doing it on launch day is dumb.
Do it during off-peak hours(ie: now).

You have a few days to customize characters … probably best to do it now rather than wait for launch. Two cents.

My friends and I held names for each other while we customized.

You can just ask them to delete your name right before you click accept.

Anecdotally, one of them lost a name trying to do it without help (yes, in that 1 minute window).

I landed all my top choices, which are definitely highly sought after names, and deleted/customized my toons just a few hours after name reservation began. You’re safe, just plan ahead what you want your character to look like.

If you have an empty character slot mess around with character creation first since the options are different on Live.

Once you’ve decided on a look then you can delete the character with the name you want and quickly remake it.

The odds of someone sniping your name should be very low, unless like said above it’s a very common/desirable name and someone is literally afk autoclicking waiting for you to delete it.

Get a trustyworthy friend, or load up a second account. Delete the character and have the name typed out and ready to go on that second account. Once you make that character, go back to your first account, get the class / appearance you want, type out the name, then delete the character on that second account and swap back to your main account and hit create character.

I have two 3 digit names, and this is how I protected them when I was editing their models. This method should only allow a 1 second-ish window of losing it.

This method takes less than 5s from deletion to re-creation while giving you all the time you want to design your character:

I made three quick names with the classes I wanted. During a late night lull, and with great anxiety of losing the names, I deleted one chara, recrated for the look that I wanted, and named them again. Luckily for me, no one stole the names from me in those 5 or so minutes for each character.

But regardless, do this at your own risk.