[Myzrael] Had a name reserved, lost it within 30 seconds of remaking the character

I didn’t care what blizzard made my toon as long as I got my name. My main looks like a fugly old human man, second is a not too bad looking gnome chick, and third is a female dwarf. All three way totally different then what Im gonna make them, but I don’t care what they look like now. I can change that after it goes live and the name is mine to keep for 30 days after deletion.


Wait so how are we supposed to edit characters if they can be snatched up? Or are we really just supposed to hope that someone doesn’t snatch it up while you delete to customize? Got a decent name and I really don’t want to have to wake up in the middle of the night just to edit my character and still have it taken

After it goes live log in with that toon, then the name is yours for 30 days.
So customise at will.

But If you never log in, I think it gets deleted after 10 days or something.

Is it confirmed that if I wait until Live and then log in with the toon that I have the name for 30 days and I am therefore free to take my time in re-making it?

Is this confirmed? As it relates to once we go live and login, the name is ours for 30 days?

Ive no idea how to quote from other posts, but the below was a blue post on the name creation thread. Read into what you will. I am certainly making no guarantees for you.

If it works that way in the live game as well, I can guess you name is never safe if you delete the character for any reason, even after the game goes live.

But in Live, if you log in with that toon, then delete, the name does not go straigh back into the pool for use.
So I am just going to go with it will work the same in Classic. Why would they change that?

I had an issue on live the other day getting DC’d at character creation. I’d made a ton of alts with similar names. A specific name got me DC’d. Near as I can tell it isn’t taken. Picked a different name and it worked. I think there’s an issue with the login server or something.

its a smallworld mate lol

I think that requires the deleted toon to be level 30+.



Why do you keep mentioning this 15 bucks thing? You know that paid appearance changes won’t be a thing in Classic, right?

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I think he’s saying that he could have made his other account active with 15 bucks and have that account prepared to secure the name the instant it was deleted on the other one, and then make the change again once you did the customization.

Because he deleted the name he wanted 15 times to see if he could get another name on another server for the following reason:

He didn’t want to activate his other account to go name fishing, so instead he deleted the name he actually wanted 15 freakin times before someone else registered it. He deleted the name he wanted all to save 15 bucks and now wants to buy it back! Understand now?

The person might not have sniped your name malicious. What if he just got off of work and his guild finally decided what server to roll on. Or he got frantic messages from his friends that the server was filling up and he decided to resub and try for a name.

Logs into Herod, makes his character and enters a name in the box. What if the name means something to him too. He cries silent tears of joy.

Nobody has a unique one of a kind name in this game. No one is entitled to their name.


So what is the name anyway?

Ondore, I’m sorry you lost your name… especially since you had it once already.

But I seriously doubt a “Rat sniped you name”… the other player is likely someone who also has a deep connection to the name… maybe his dog isn’t dying but already dead… or may his grandma’s name was Fido… I dunno.

What I do know is that these aren’t “our names”. Though they may mean something to us personally… it’s first come, first serve.

I rather imagine anyone trying to get that name when you had it reserved felt pretty bummed too… and as if someone got “their name”.

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As he states below, it wasnt the Actual dogs name he lost. It was just a varient. he kept the most desirable. And the amount of people out there just trying to get those 2/3 letter names, hes lucky he got that.

And this answers the question how? What name did he have then delete and lose?

There is no unique name in an MMO. You may think you’re the only one who thought of it, but chances are, you’re not.

You took a risk in deleting the character, got lucky multiple times, and your luck finally ran out.

No one was stalking you for a name or anything silly like that, you just got unlucky.

The person who got it is not a rat, calling them that over a name that YOU freed up is childish at best.

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