Trying to get the idea of tomorrow

3 names total. They can all be on 1 server or spread out between 2 or 3 servers but only 3 total.

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Much appreciated for the response.

I imagine you can use the same name on different servers. Also, if I read correctly, if you make a character, then delete him, that still counts as you using a reserved name.

I hope nobody gets Bob before me. /looks around nervously

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So when we create a character, the name and physical features will be the same on the release date?

Tomorrow, should we be grabbing names as fast as possible, and then come back on a later date to delete and remake the toon properly?

I too want more information about the name reservation process: Like, will it be in the game-client, or via the website?

If you delete the character, the name is automatically released for anyone to use.

That’s up to you. It’s probably at less risk to create the character now though, vs release when there’s no name limit.

Yeah, this is fairly much a given. From what I understand though, if you make three characters, Alvin, Simon and Theodore, then you delete Simon, it will still count as you having made three characters.

Idk. I imagine popular names will be snatched up super quickly tomorrow. If you spend time selecting your toon’s facial features and stuff, someone else might grab your name.

I’m going to reserve names not to use, but just so other people cannot get them

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I always thought the name was still saved to you briefly after deleting, guess I was mistaken.

From my own understanding, I believe that once Classic goes live, you can then delete your character and remake it the way you want, and still have that name “reserved”.

AFAIK that only happens if you’ve logged into the character first.

Makes sense, so log into your saved name character on launch day first, log out, then delete and remake them if you need to.

At this point, I have only one word. Pathetic.

Idk if this is still accurate:

I was looking for something like that earlier, good find! It’s probably a bit late to get clarification on this for tomorrow, but going to presume that if that’s what it was 4 years ago, they prob haven’t changed it, so I would be more willing to take that as accurate information.

I guess it’s a gamble.

Do you take your time tomorrow to actually make your toon properly and hope someone else doesn’t grab your name?

Or do you just grab the name asap, and then on a later date, delete it and remake the toon properly and hope someone else doesn’t grab your name…

Since the toon isn’t level 30+, the name won’t be reserved to your account. The name will be immediately available to everyone after you delete it.

I already know what I want my 3 characters to look like, so that will take all of 15-20 seconds to do for each and name them. I have a list of names for what I am after, so chances are I will most likely get them, even if they aren’t my 1st/2nd pick, the names are all well thought out.

I considered using those special characters / ascii code letters, but decided against it as that could be problematic if someone is trying to get you into a group/raid and they can’t spell your name to invite you.