Name reservation: how it works?

I couldn’t find anything on the blue post but how this works.

Log into classic via launcher
Quickly select realm
Quickly create character
Quickly enter name and create?

That’s how I’m assuming it will work but anyone know anything official?

Thanks in advance.


Sounds right bud. Imagine your a mother on black friday trying to get your kid the newest fad toy…just bulldoze people. And do asmongolds trick copy and past the name and just ctrl v and hope you get your name


Just make the first random character that pops up; the whole point is to reserve the name you want (and probably give Blizzard an inkling of how many more servers they may need to bring online).

When the 26th comes, design the character you actually want and delete the one that’s holding your name.


There is no barbershop. Build your toon carefully.


Most definitely. Can’t waste any time picking race and choosing appearance. :slight_smile:

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Cause honestly on game release delete whatever you made then take your time then


Do not focus so much on the character creation if you have a popular name that everyone will want. The way to tell is to search your name on Warcraft and check out how popular the name is.

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The name did not used to get deleted. Once you delete the toon, you delete the name.

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Exactly. You quickly remake a character using the look you want. And retake the name. You could tinker with the look on another toon to create what you want before your name is taken. But with the initial rush of people getting your name quickly is essential

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Strong name to thread ratio

just make anything and take your name…

you can delete it and do i right lets say… on the 20th at like 3 am or something

This is a summary of what you need to know. Just get your name and remake your character later after the heat dies down. If you remake your character during high traffic hours you risk losing your name.

Were we allowed to move characters around on the select screen like retail? I forgot to check in the stress test.