Reserve Your Name in WoW Classic on August 12 at 3:00 p.m. PDT

This is us on the 12th… well, this is me on the 12th I know that much lol
Log into Battlenet, wait for the play button on Classic to light up. It finally does, click it, start to quiver, it says Launching…Connecting…Retrieving, you can feel your heart beating in your throat. You’re in! Quickly scan realm list as fast as humanly possible for the realm you want, click that, click create new character, add name, try to make hands stop shaking, rinse and repeat.


Yep, that took care of it. Mobile site does not show the time zone.

Problem solved - thanks!

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No need to be hostile. I wasn’t trying to call you out I was just genuinely curious. Never heard that claim before.

The reason they aren’t valid was because 1) guild listings could be incorrect, listing offline players that quit the game months ago. Plus, some players don’t join guilds (for some reason). 2) I mean you can’t find the survey, that kind of speaks for itself. 3) The heat map of U.S. population doesn’t correlate well with WoW player base. Just because there are a lot of people in an area doesn’t mean there are a lot of people playing WoW in that area. That is assuming, which can’t be attributed to fact.


You didn’t request it off? No PTO?

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Some employers require 2 weeks or more for PTO. Seeing as it’s only one week, it might not be allowed where the OP works.

Not talking about Armory. Look at the Guild Recruitment listings. For Classic.

Most surveys are global as this is a global game, and so a question that only applies to less than half the players is pointless.

It’s a pretty easy assumption to accept.

Googling seems to have brought up that it was to be on August 13th for name reservation, which has been stated for months.

It makes you wonder how many people requested the 13th off now don’t get that? :confused:

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So has:

** To align with other regions, the Americas character creation will occur slightly ahead of August 13.

So anyone claiming they weren’t informed… was.


I know what you’re talking about. Not every guild going to play in Classic WoW is
on that forum. I know 5 or more guilds that are doing apps through discord or some other third party.

Well, it’s not pointless because that’s the info we’re going for right? A survey that includes NA time zones is exactly what I wanted to see.

There are a lot of factors that would have to be accounted for in population density vs wow player population density. For instance, can all the people in that area afford WoW time? Does it have a high unemployment/homeless rate? Is there a higher ratio of adults to children/teenagers? Adults would be less likely to play due to having families or careers. Is there a cultural aspect in some areas that doesn’t support playing video games? All of these factors could change the information. That’s why I wanted a source.


Ha ha ha! I had to stop eating because I was literally laughing out loud! I love the shade!

I’m actually still laughing.

I’m not sure in the OP’s case, but maybe they didn’t think they needed PTO because they expected it to be after they got off work. Might explain why they were so upset about the timing. I just like to give people the benefit of the doubt.

3pm PDT is 11pm GMT right?

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10pm UTC

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thx henny :slight_smile:

lol Eloraell our voice of reason. <3

Well, it’s going to start very late at night (around midnight) for European players, when many people may be in bed because of work or school. When you have a globally synchronised release some people are always going to end up being better off than others.

Please share server locations as well. “Region” may not be specific enough and there are a lot of players which main priority when choosing a realm is its ping


I recall back in Vanilla some servers (NA specifically) were hosted in different locations. How will ping be affected this time around? Will servers state where they’re located?

Servers will be located in Chicago or Los Angeles. Hopefully they’ll be sensible and put all the EST/CST in Chicago and PST in LA. But we’ll have to ping them to find out precisely.

hopefully this