How Stressed Are You Today? (Name Res)

Not too stressed about getting any of my names. A little stressed about which name to pick first.

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I have several names I want to reserve…using a very specific race/class combo for each.

Since I don’t want to give others in this forum ideas, I’ll just white out the names and list the race/class combos in order of preference:

**** (Orc Warrior) <---- Top priority as back in the day, I was unofficially called the “Captain of the Horde” on my server (despite being only 6 years old back then and armed with only an Orc Warrior) after winning over 200 battlegrounds, losing 5, and drawing 9. Shame I can’t kill a player to save my life nowadays.
********* (Dwarf Hunter) OR *********** (Dwarf Rogue) (Prior to becoming the “Captain of the Horde”, I used to play a Dwarf Rogue, levelling it to 15. i also levelled a Dwarf Hunter to level 15 before family disconnected me).
******** (Human Warlock) (My mother used to be drawn into World of Warcraft as well, and created a Human Warlock which she controlled. She levelled it to 34 before she stopped playing (and later disconnected the rest of the family, too)).
********** (Undead Warlock) (Lower on the totem pole as this character was created literally days before my family disconnected me from World of Warcraft, so I never got to enjoy her).
********* (Night Elf OR Tauren Druid)
******* (Orc Warrior) <---- Reserved for PvP server and in the event most of the above names are taken, since I gave up on this character to focus on my other Orc Warrior…especially since back then, this character died…A LOT.

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I have a plan for getting my name. I hope it works. I also have to rush home as I get off work just 30 minutes before reservations open. :worried:

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Not at all. There’s some excitement because this means Classic is almost here, but I’m not stressed because of names. It’ll suck to not get what I want, but it’s not a big deal.

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I’m not seeing that. Do you have a link, by chance? :slight_smile:

Interestingly, he says “this is how it works in the live game as well.” I coulda swore the live game had a 90 day grace period. Maybe that’s just when you delete a high level character…

I have 3 names ready. No back-ups. If I don’t get them…oh, well. I’m pretty creative when it comes to naming toons.

Dang. Okay. Good to know. :slight_smile:

What if you log onto the character first?


I’ve got the names all worked out, so we shall see. I just hope I don’t accidentally end up on a realm with some obnoxious streamer.

Whew some angry responses here eh!

Well, mine’s very common so it’ll be tough.

Also thanks for the tips! Let’s hope we all get the name we wanted ^^

How about we name drop after reservations to see if we all got it?

heya Kaidane, if you need help with backup names if your original name doesn’t work, lmk! I can help ya out Liger#1362 bnet

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I have a few names I want, but I won’t be using the special characters because that might exclude me from getting group invites if they can’t spell my name.

My work ends an hour after naming is allowed. I’m slightly stressed I’ll miss my name. But it’s a game and I can live with that.

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I have a list. I’ll put more names on the list as today goes by. I’ll try to get the names I want without variations. I’ll cross out the ones that don’t work out.

Most of my characters have good names. I want names I don’t already have. That’s the hard part. I am sure I’ll find pretty good names.

Not stressed at all. If the names I want are taken, I shall make more.

I know its petty as heck but, yeah pretty stressed. I only really want a main and maybe 1 alt but both names are fairly well known.

I get lucky with one of them most of the time, and as a result its almost reflex when I hear it in discord. Option 2 ends up being a conversation starter.

EDIT, by well known I mean its a common name I myself am just an average nobody.


Decently stressed over it! I have two names I’d like and both are always taken, but like the person above me, its what i answer to and its a reflex. Im super excited for classic and really want to enjoy my time there. Ive got my list of names (includes backups and possibly fantasy name generator too). Im figuring out my snack list for launch day and how to work times out so i can play with my friends too. So lots on my mind!

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I have no plans on reserving any names, I’ll sub and log on for the first time the Saturday after launch.

My character’s name is worthless if I choose it on a low-population server. I plan on finding a decently balanced server and have no problem waiting for that to happen.

I appreciate it! If mine fails I’ll definitely throw you a message bud