Reserve Your Name in WoW Classic on August 12 at 3:00 p.m. PDT

No, it was never explicitly stated, ever. I dare you to find a blue post stating this. I’ve tried. And if you do i’ll eat my words and admit I am wrong.

However, I will agree with you that this was the first reason many people who were for layering at the beginning used as their go to rebuttal.

Without coming off like a dick. Did you watch the beta? There were server ques in beta. What made you think there wouldn’t be in live?

There is still a Realm Layer cap (probably 4, based on what they said).


Thanks for the update! I hope the “details” provide us with which datacenter in North America so our guild can make the logical and smart choice based on where we are all located throughout North America! Hyppppeeeeeeeeeeee!

This only works the same in the live game if the toon is below level 10 right? I’ve had to wait the 30 day name reservation period when transfering toons between accounts before. Just wanna make sure there’s no confusion here on this note

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Dude…Ion literally said it himself when they talked about layering. Here are just some examples of other blizz employees talking about it

Server stability was the #1 concern.

Also, why would i watch someone play a game? I don’t enjoy it, there are those who do, but i don’t. So no, i didnt watch anyone play beta.

This is the best “official statement”.

Timestamp: 3:54


Thank you, i must have missed this part.

Perfect. The only thing that isn’t answered is whether we’ll be able to see the server locations.

I am really excited about Classic!
psss… RP-PVP


I’m about 70% sure we won’t, but they may surprise us. However, we’ve never been able to officially know before either. The moment the servers are live however, people will be pinging them, and the info will be readily available.

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Lol. Oh Ion…

Ty. Ill watch the entirety when i get back home.

Wowhead and other sites will probably have the list and location right away.

I’ll be contributing to the WoWpedia page. As yet, we haven’t really got a Classic Focused Wiki of any worth.

Any population density chart of the US?

Not good enough apparently.

What do you think of classic.db?

It’s not a Wiki.

Classic.db is fine, as is Classic WoWhead, for item stats. What they don’t do is have full explanations of items and elements of the game.

I almost wish we could steal a snapshot of WoWWiki at Dec 1st, 2006 before the BC changes came in, and start from there.

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Looking forward to this, and glad to have an official date for name day now.

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First - You still have yet to disprove my original argument. Present a blue post explicitly stating layering was implemented to resolve server ques. Again, you wont find it. Because there is not a single blue post containing any information about layering. There is however, an unofficial video from a random YouTube channel with Ion loosely claiming this. Yeah ok :upside_down_face:

Second - You clearly do not understand that the servers would still have caps regardless if they used layering or not. And obviously if a server met it’s cap, there would be server ques. And that is what Bornakk is referring to about potential server ques. Hence why I called you ignorant.

Third - I hate streamers just as much as you. But I still chimed in for any major beta event. And low and behold there were server ques. And if you paid any attention to the forums you would know this has been discussed ad nausium.

There is a video from a Gaming magazine, with an interview directly with Ion, stating this in his own words. That’s as official as we need.

You clearly never watched the video.