QoL / "Bring Back" Wishlist

Every player has that “thing” they want added to, or back, into the game. Many of these things are small and simple and may not warrant a thread of their own; so I bring to you the (hopefully all-encompassing) “Wishlist” thread.

I would love for council members to add their own “Wishlist” items, and give feedback on what could and could not work. I won’t take credit for everything on this list, but I also won’t post anything that I personally wouldn’t like to see back.

So, in no particular order…

  • Reforging
  • Mark of the Wild, Paladin Blessings, other similar buffs
  • Dungeon quests for professions
  • Class Quests
  • Warrior Gladiator Stance
  • Updated models/assets in the old world
  • Non-Scaled open world
  • Baseline sockets on gear
  • Flight Whistle
  • Mass Summons (Non-Warmode only?)
  • Worgen Tails
  • Additional cusomizations for all races (I know this has been a thing, but we love more options! )
  • Hunter elemental ammo
  • Seasonal transmogs available year round
  • Access Ordos on Timeless Isle without MoP Legendary cloak
  • Additional Warlock Pet Skins
  • Hunter pet spec choice
  • All DK Runeforges usable on 1H weapons (Also in my Frost DK thread)
  • Increase realm transfer gold cap (If it doesn’t ruin the economy)

Let me know what else you’d like to see!


Personally, I would love it if Justice Points and Valor Points came back into the game for help in gearing up either your main or your alts.

Justice Points would be used to purchase Heroic Dungeon gear, While Valor Points would be used for Raiding Gear! This was actually a great system we had back in Cataclysm. You would have to farm up a lot of badges to buy what you wanted off the vendor. So it still took some time to get the pieces you wanted!

For Valor Points, There could be different tiers for each different raid. For example - You would need to buy Looking for Raid gear before upgrading to Normal. And you would need Normal to gear up to Heroic, and so on.

That would give incentive to do dungeons and raids to earn your gear and help your character get more powerful.

Would love to see Ordos be accessible for everyone as well. I have the cloak and I noticed the encounter is a Legacy raid achievement now. I do know that the gear he drops can be purchased off of the BMAH in-game. Still would be nice for others to farm him for any xmog they wanted.


Bring back World defense channel!


Bring back FOMO Content, but not FOMO cosmetics

For example:

FOMO Content is the MoP and WoD legendary Cloak and Ring questlines
FOMO Cosmetics are the Challenge Mode appearances, AOTC Mounts, T3 Gear (Still Attainable through BMAH)

Players should be able to experience all the content that has ever happened in the game.
But, players who did the same content as current and got time-gated cosmetics as rewards should not lose the prestige associated with those rewards.


Dual wield for some 2h specs like Unholy DK and Survival Hunter !


Saw this mentioned on GD and had to agree - they should look into bringing back blacklisting for some maps in unrated BGs. I know I personally leave Seething Shore literally every time it comes up because I can’t stand the map, same with Ashran too in epics.

I know it might be less plausible in epics since there are way fewer maps, but at the very least regular random BGs should have blacklisting added back. Blizzard did remove it when they separated epics out from smaller BGs, but the addition of maps like Seething Shore and the Deepwind Gorge remake have really necessitated it returning IMO. Just a thought.


2nded really dislike Seething as it seems most randoms dont really get where the nodes spawn from or when and new Deepwind is really just an AB downgrade. Id rather have Strand of the Ancients to be totally honest and thats saying something


I remember this as well. It was nice to be able to veto a personally disliked map (for me it was always Twin Peaks).

With epic BGs being separate now, is 2 blacklists still the right number? Should it be 1? 3?


Reforging is one that should only come back if there is no change in how stats function. The sheer fact that your class can entirely revolve around one or two stats is insane. Why even have the rest.

Remove buffs/debuffs. It limits creativity and flexibility in play, whilst it does promote an idea of class fantasy it does so at gameplay.

Big disagree. All reintroducing the opt-out for BGs would do is increase toxicity in those as you can never remove enough.

A healthier approach would be to look into why these are regarded as unliked and work on that.

Ashran is a good example to use as in the original state the whole map was critical for success but in the BG state, it’s very linear. You are actively punished for playing side objectives outside of coordinated groups and not playing as a collective is a sure-fire way for failure.

I also don’t think reforging should make a return, at least not in the same state. One of its primary purposes back then was allowing you to reach the hit rating and expertise caps without requiring certain pieces, and on top of that you could also get your most desired stat if you were already capped. Now that hit/expertise is gone, we don’t really need reforging. I’d much rather see a ‘reforging’ NPC that allows you to warforge or add tertiary stats, or sockets to your gear in a deterministic way.


A few more to add to my list:

  • Better legacy raid skips
  • Transmog restriction loosening (allow all appearances to be collected by one character when legacy loot is enabled?)
  • Legendary Questlines instead of legendary progression
  • “Love is in the Air” mount farmable by characters of all levels
  • Remove Weekly lockout on Legacy world bosses for mount farmers
  • BG Veto System (Maybe add 1 veto for Rated BG groups as well?)
  • Goblin and Worgen Monks
    If for lore reasons we cant have a traveling Monk NPC added to the old starting zones for both races, then force anyone who makes a Goblin or Worgen Monk to start in Exiles Reach.

  • Class Quests / Return to Class Order Hall
    The Class Order Halls were pretty awesome places, and I feel we should have some quests that take us back there to further the story a bit and maybe reward a special transmog or something. I know some people wont be keen to return to them which is why the quest line should be optional

  • Make the Jaina easily reversible (add a NPC on the boat!)
    I do a lot of transmog farming in Battle of Dazar’alor and there is the NPC you can talk to skip to Jaina. The amount of times people talk to her to troll the group and then everyone leaves (especially if its Mythic), this can happen at the start or mid raid and it is very annoying


Any chance on getting this as a tamable hunter pet too?


We don’t usually get druid forms as tamable pets, the only exceptions being some of the glyph forms that were added later on. But, it would be nice to get high-res models like these for all the other old cat models out there.

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Going through my bags today, and one QoL change I would like to see is every item is stackable. I have a few of the same pets (from the Paragon rep rewards) that would be nice if they stacked, also I have a lot of those Scyring Stones from Nazjatar.

Sure this is a small QoL change, but I am sure it would be appreciated by the farmers, collectors and hoarders


Here’s my QOL/Wishlist. Sorry about the wall of text, I ponder these sorts of things fairly often.


  • Make the 9.0/9.1 Campaigns skippable on alts after completion, or remove the Chapter restrictions on 9.0 Campaign armor after completion account wide
  • Add Stygian Clusters to a vendor for 300 Stygia (Same 300 → 250 conversion rate as Packaged Soul Ash)
  • Add a cache for sending Catalogued Research to alts
  • Add Grateful Offering Cache to send excess to alts
  • Make Anima-Touched Weapons Fragments Bind on Account
  • Account wide Soulshape unlocks
  • Make the Sanctum Superior achievement account wide
  • Make the Animaflow Teleporter’s Beastwarren/Perdition Hold options account wide upon unlock
  • More consistent rewards from completing World Quests/Callings with the Unity Construct


  • Cheaper legacy bonus rolls, remove weekly cap of 3, increase cap from 5 to 20 to match Elder Charms/Seals of Tempered Fate, ect
  • The options to use multiple legacy bonus rolls on a World Boss/Raid Boss kill
  • Add removed reagents like Dreamscale and Primal Tiger Leather to Timewalking vendors
  • Add raid skips to Siege of Orgrimmar and Throne of Thunder
  • Faster legacy raid skips, from 4+ weeks to 1 (This already exists for Emerald Nightmare. Why not the others?)
  • Reduce/remove the timers on upgrades for Garrison buildings/Order Class Hall/War Campaign
  • Revert Garrison Guard NPCs to match character’s level again
  • Remove the weekly time gating behind the Garrison Campaign Chapter quests
  • Add access to the weekly Garrison raid quests, even if Muradin/Saurfang aren’t available in the Garrison that day
  • Remove the weekly cap for follower recruitment through the Garrison Inn
  • Remove the daily activation limit for Garrison/Class Hall followers
  • Remove the limit for Legion Class Order Halls Champions
  • After completing the Demon Hunter Campaign in Legion, give access to the Champion you didn’t choose during the Campaign (Altruis/Kayn)
  • Make the Ritual of Doom for Warlock Class Halls soloable (Still requires 3+ people)
  • Bring cosmetic rewards (Mounts/pets/toys ect) back to Call to Arms Satchels
  • Increased rep up to exalted for already exalted legacy factions (IE: Grand Commendations), or remove rep requirement account wide after hitting exalted
  • Bind on Account cache for Garrison Resources, remove/increase 10k cap for Garrison Resources
  • Account wide access to Molten Front after earning ‘The Molten Front Offensive’ achievement (Still locked behind 30+ days of daily quests per character)
  • Make the ‘Improving on History’ achievement account wide
  • Remove the class restrictions from Sunwell Engineering recipes
  • Make the Technique: Glyph of Flickering recipe available to non-Shamans
  • Bind on Account caches to send excess Coalescing Visions to alts or remove/reduce the cost of Vessels of Horrific Visions
  • Make the R3 Essences purchasable from Mother Bind on Account
  • Bind on Account versions of ilvl upgrade/exp items for characters with fully upgraded followers in their Garrison/Class Hall/War Campaign
  • Bind on Account version of Grimoire of Lost Knowledge/Crate of Champion Equipment for characters with fully upgraded followers
  • Put the Broken Shore’s World Bosses on a weekly rotation instead of the Nether Disruptor (They’re hardly ever up)
  • Buff the rate that Legionfall Supplies contribute to building the Mage Tower/Command Center/Nether Disruptor
  • Repeatable quests for Dalaran/Illustrious Jewelcrafter’s Tokens (IE: Titanium Powder), or increase the rewards from the daily quests for both, or make both purchasable for Timewarped Badges
  • Remove daily cooldown for crafting old reagents like Lightning Steel Ingots, Hexweave, ect
  • Buff Service Medal rewards from Arathi/Darkshore World Quests/Faction Assults, add them as a reward for World Quests/Rares with Warmode enabled
  • Remove the Draenor restrictions from the Gladiator’s Sanctum Nemesis quests/Ashran restriction from Broken Bone drops
  • Fix the bridge cinematic in Throne of Thunder (It’s still unskippable)
  • Give Nalak/Sha of Anger fixed respawn timers like Oondasta/Galleon/Rukhmar
  • Reduce spawn timers for legacy World Bosses down to 5-8 minutes
  • Make all mobs in legacy raids/dungeons lootable
  • Reward all appearances from completed legacy quests
  • Make Mechagon Tinkering reagents Bind on Account
  • Make ‘Junkyard Tinkerer’ and ‘Head Financier of Mechagon’ achievements account wide
  • Make ‘Heroic Deeds’ a daily quest, instead of once-per-character
  • Make Legion Relics stop dropping for characters Lv50 and above

DONT bring back seething shore for rated please