How do we message community council members

It there a method to contact comunity council members?

Currently there is a thread where the op asks for suggestions on QOL things that players would like to see come back.

QoL / “Bring Back” Wishlist

I would like to have some items added to that list yet I do not know how to to make such sugestions.

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Nope. And there won’t be.


I don’t know if there is anything official for the CC members.

Since we are talking about several different individuals who are not employees of Blizzard I think most of them may not have a direct way of contacting them where as others may.

That said, maybe make a post about it here?

I know several of the CC members are frequent forums readers.

It’s all crap to let people think they’re actually doing something to better this game. They won’t change a damn thing sorry to say.


I know it is easy to be cynical about the council but I see little reason not to look at it with some small amount of hope.


We’re nothing but the unwashed masses to the CC.

I hope so but seeing how the last secret forum went south I expect blizzard to the same and start ignoring it.


I think that is unfair and more of an assumption on your part than an actual thing. There might be a person or two who feel that their status places them above the rest of us, but I would bet that the majority of them are just players like the rest of us who want to see improvements in the game.

It is a potential outcome for sure, but just because it happened that way one time does not doom it to happen that way this time.

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Use carrier pigeon.

Um, WoW’s literal history of game expansions and patch tests would disagree with you.

Blizzard has only once chosen to partially alter a quest chain ever.

Mists of Pandaria and Varian becoming the High King of the Alliance.

They literally changed it to Tyrande, a 10,000+ year combat veteran, charging directly at an enemy fortified position, because Varian was getting raked over the coals story wise.

Gee, it’s like the narrative angle of, “The Hero’s Journey,” might require some coal raking level story development to feel like he would be safely invested as said story in game required for him to become the Alliance’s High King.

That is the one and only single story patch change I am aware of in WoW’s history.

If the Community Council and the secret forum are anything like Blizzard’s “listening” to player feedback from the PTR during patch and expansion PTR builds?

WoW and we are doomed.

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You could always wish in one hand and crap in the other. See which one fills up first…

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Disagree with me? With what? My assertion that just because a thing went a certain way one time, or even several times, does not immediately mean that it will happen that way every time afterwards?

That’s just basic logic.

That said though, if you weren’t skeptical I would certainly think you might be a little gullible.

That should not stop you from hoping for the best and giving it a shot here. The stakes are not that high so if it turns out that it works out the same way all over again then you don’t really lose anything in the end result. Stuff just stays the same.

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Ha! Lowly plebs like ourselves will never be allowed anywhere near their council, let alone have our ideas delivered upon golden platters to the great developers of Warcraft.


Maybe this is the only way to contact them; if so;
@ Letholas
I would like to see the return of the original glyph system in its entirety.
It had a great UI and the selection of glyphs was far superior in all aspects.
I would also have it use destructible glyphs as well to ensure repeated business for inscription.

I would like to see the return of the original granular guild controls as laid out in this thread.
The new Guild UI and Permissions…yikes

I would also like to see a return to getting flight at max, either for gold, as the way it used to work, or with a pathfinder achievement that is obtainable without any time gates.
Or even a combination of the two.


I am STILL trying to ask Blizzard to listen and please be willing to at least entertain a different idea before they just ramrod their own onto the PTR and not change content save once.

The problem is that Blizzard is REALLY GOOD at choosing to ignore the players because for Blizzard, “The customer is always right,” does not exist.

Blizzard considers its Vision both sacred and not to be tampered with in game.

Well, after Shadowlands even they likely won’t admit that they made a mistake.

Still, for the love of WoW, I made a new thread to try and convey to them that the untapped potential of WoW is so much greater than even Blizzard sees right now.

I’m convinced it won’t work, however I just seem to love the game that much.

best we can do is title it appropriately and maybe one of them will grace us with their presence.

I think that some developers look at game development and story progression as an art form and in that they are the creators of that art.

As someone who writes music I can tell you exactly what I would say if you were asking me to change my art to better suit your tastes. I’d be polite, but I wouldn’t give an inch.

Perhaps that is how the developers sometimes feel, or at least that is always how I have thought of it.

That isn’t to say that you don’t have some good ideas or anything, I would have to read your topic to make any comments on that, but I guess I just don’t look at the developers and think that they should design any way other than the way they want.

If I don’t like it, I walk. No big deal. There are other games out there and that is despite over a decade of investment into WoW from me.

Nor should it in my opinion. The customer is not always right nor should they think that they are.


There’s a trick twist to that statement.

“The customer is always right,” basically means they should only be right when they need to be, however it’s on the business to sell the customer on the idea that it was their right idea to begin with first.

Basically, the business must sell the customer their ideas as the customers.

And if done right and convincingly, the customer will get both what they need AND want due to this being done right.

You just make a thread asking the council to speak on your behalf. They visit such threads.

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I think most do. I highly doubt most developers twirl their mustache at their place of work in the drawing board saying “how can we prey upon our players and coerce them into giving us more money”


I don’t disagree with that, but there are lines that are definitely not to be crossed.

Not every interaction with a customer needs to have a happy conclusion to both the parties involved.

Sometimes you need to tell the customers who cross those lines exactly what they need to hear - “take your money, get out of my store, and don’t come back.”

Any person here who has ever worked in any form of customer service has one of those stories about one of those customers.