Pet battle/collection broken

Starting Tuesday (pre-patch day) I noticed I wasn’t able to add any new battle pets to my inventory. Assuming I’d somehow hit a cap I caged one and attempted to relearn it and it says the same thing “cannot add any pets to your collection.” My battle pet slots are also locked. I’ve completed all of the achievements to unlock them and have well over 1000 pets so I have obtained the pet portals to increase capacity. They just no longer register. It seems that it’s all been reset so I can no longer battle or collect without repurchasing it all which I do not wish to do. My minion of mayhem title obtained from the blackrock depths dungeon is also missing.


It’s happening to a lot of people. No acknowledgement yet from Blizzard.

You may also notice that you’re being offered quests for pet battle dungeons again that you have already completed (and have achievements for). The little mana guy won’t off any ports to pet battle dungeons any more either.

You can try all the interface reset things. No change for me, I did the full UI reset instructions and it remains the same after with no addons.

  • Unable to battle wild pets
  • Unable to battle most trainers
  • Battle pet limit set to 1,000
  • Starting pet quests that have been previously completed are offered again
  • Issue seems to affect all characters on the account horde & alliance. Have only tested on characters at level 50.

(I also received a quest from Magni to go rescue mother from Uldir which I’ve already done)


Thank you, I was beginning to think it was just me.

Is anyone else getting kicked out of the game to the login screen when starting pet battles out in the open world (not PvP battles). I’m getting this about half the time I start one.

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I have been getting that, I make it through the second battle before getting kicked. I have been stalking and trying to find out things, sadly nothing yet.

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Thank you for the reports. Forwarding this to my team for investigation.


Posting to add I’m having this exact same issue. It happened about three hours ago. All my battle pet slots suddenly became locked, and the battle pet icons I had on my action bars were replaced with a “?”

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yeah pretty disheartening. I realized today that all the quests are reset. My battle pet tab says before I can do pet battles I have to “visit a pet trainer to learn how to collect and fight…” which of course I already have. It’s just all reset. I suppose I’m thankful I still have the pet collection for the most part and the achieves but essentially everything is reset. Pretty much killed my motivation to play WoW.


is there any update on this? the pet slots are still locked and it’s battle pet week.

same thing is happening to me i have done everything to fix it about to rage quit wow

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Chiming in to report this on my account as well. I’ve submitted a ticket. I originally thought it had something to do with server xferring, but my husbands account is just fine, he’s still able to pet battle. This is really bumming me out, since I can’t gather pet charms until this is fixed :frowning:

No updates that I have seen. I voted with my wallet and cancelled my sub as there are just way too many broken things for me in pre-patch. Really disappointing. I’ll come back by when shadowlands launches and see if they have fixed anything.

Same issue for me - I went to the trainer to “learn” how to pet battle - but I’m at 1,137 pets and it tells me I can’t learn anymore because I’m at the 1k max. Pretty frustrating…

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Just mentioning, I’m not having any problems at all adding new pets to my pet journal which currently holds about 1700 pets. No idea why it works fine for me but not for others.

I too have this issue, I have almost 1700 pets but it thinks that I have never pet battled and that my cap is 1000 pets. It will not let me learn any new pets because it says that I already have the maximum number of pets.

I just noticed now that WoW also thinks that I have never done the pet dungeons before too, the Manapoof elemental in Dalaran does not offer me teleports to pet dungeons and the other NPCs there are giving quests to do pet dungeons again.


I’ve been having the same issue as the OP. What’s extremely frustrating about it is that I’m missing out on pet battle week =(

blizzard? do you have any kind of answer for us? we’re missing out on pet battle week :<


Also check and see if you received the initial quests for islands and warfronts again. I noticed that in addition to my pet battle quest progress being reset the game also thinks I have not done islands, warfronts, and some heart of azeroth quest lines. I’m being offered all of those quests again even though they were completed long long ago.

I think the pet battle issue is actually stemming from some quest progress being reset for some accounts. I noticed that the quest progress reset happened for all of my characters on my account.

The only responses I’ve seen so far is the bug report forums saying they will pass on to the team and the customer support forum telling us to reset our UI.

I will note I have followed Blizzard’s instructions for a full UI reset and I’m still being offered all of the initial quests and still have all of the issues with pet battles related to all quest progress being reset.

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Same issue, I tried to contact support and I didn’t get a satisfactory answer, I’m at 1229 pets, and 1171 uniques, but I can’t add anymore pets, because tells me I’m 1000 max. I’ve completed all of the achievements to unlock the 2000 slots, and obtained the pet portals. Manapoof have no teleports anymore for pet dungeons; my tittle “Minion of Mayhem” has gone. So frustrating… :cry:


I have done the full reset ui and deleted all add-ons and still nothing My husband can do pet battles on his account ugh maybe its cause we are to good and they want us not to win as much???