All Pet Battle Quests reset

Since the pre-patch, I’ve noticed that all of my pet battle quests have reset. I even had to do the initial quest to unlock my ability to pet battle. I wasn’t able to place any of my 1200+ pets on a team because the game thought I had never before attempted to pet battle. Ever.

It is kind of annoying because Manapoof in Dazar’Alor will no longer teleport me anywhere as he doesn’t register that I have completed the quests to travel to the pet dungeons. The goblin next to him has two of the quests, but I really don’t want to have to re-do all of these.

It is also preventing me from adding new pets. I completed the Battle on the Broken Isles achievement to raise my cap to 1,500. The game still recognizes that I have the achievement, but it is not giving me credit for the reward. This means I have 1,244 pets, but I can’t add new ones since the game thinks I still have a cap of 1,000.

I have just discovered I have this exact same issue.
Cap reset to 1000, I had both BFA upgrades, can’t start a pet battle because it says I have to visit the trainer. Can’t even equip one pet. In addition to not wanting to restart the quests, I fear it might make the issue worse if there is a fix coming.

I did a server transfer for 3 characters, and it seemed after doing so that a bunch of stuff got reset on many characters, that were NOT the ones I transferred. This problem was discovered on my main, which has been in the same server since he was created.

There goes pet battles for Darkmoon Faire…Blizzard, fix this please.

This is a known issue. This is the primary thread on the matter:

TL;DR: Submit ticket(s) to restore pet cap. Re-do quests to regain ability to fight pet trainers; GMs don’t have the ability to restore that. Developers have fixed what caused paid character services to break these account-wide unlocks, so services are safe to use (claimed) but no one has come up with a clean way to restore those affected.

Sucks, but that’s how it stands now.