Battle Pets?

Is the system bugged? I’ve been locked out of the Battle Pets, can’t equip. It says I need achievements to unlock slots but, I have them all. My husband checked his account and he’s able to do everything so I’m wondering what’s up? Am I the only one buggin out here or are there others bugged too? I’m not able to equip B-Pets on my hunter if that helps.

EDIT!: I just checked my other toons as well and I cannot equip B-Pets with any of them and I DO have credit for the achievements.

how many pets do you have ? there is an actual limit. there is also things to increase your limit as well.

It’s definitely a bug that appeared for some players with pre-patch. There’s an ongoing thread in the bug report forum.

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Yikes! Thank you much for the info. <3! I’ll head over there and see what I can find. :smiley:

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