Battle pet collecting

I have bought a used battle pet “coins” to be able to collect 2000 pets, but it says I can only collect 1000. This only happened today on Oct 19th, 2020. I hope you can fix this.

Actualy u can fix this theres a pet achievement for dreanor that rewards pocket pet that increases the pet cap.

See this thread:

As of now we’re supposed to submit tickets. No one so far has confirmed a resolution yet, hopefully soon…

Thank you, at least it’s a known issue.

It’s a known issue to players but is not listed as one of Blizzard’s known issues with 9.0.1.

While pet battles and the pet limit is the most obvious symptom of this problem the root cause seems to be in quest progress being reset for those affected.

This includes:

  • Some pet battle quests
  • Initial island quest
  • Initial warfront quest

Others have reported noticing that quest progress for

  • Uuna
  • Riddler’s mind worm
    Have also been reset

Seems like something common between everyone has been paid server transfers, although doesn’t affect everyone.

I’m mentioning this because the issue with pet limit can be solved easily enough with a replacement item but quest progress will remain reset for now requiring players to re-do all of the quest progress.

It is currently not known how many quests have had their progress reset.

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I’m pretty sure it’s a lot of quests, including some hidden ones. My wife and I both started new Exile’s Reach characters a couple of days ago. I had transferred a character and got hit with this; she had not.

She got the “100 quests” achievement on about the fourth quest, indicating all of the account wide quests she’d completed. I got the “50 quests” one much later, and I have been lucky enough to play a lot more than she has and I used to get the achievement earlier than her.

There’s a thread in bug reports where there’s a lot of information:

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