Pocket Pet Portal stopped working

I purchased the Pocket Pet Portal for my account a few weeks ago as I was approaching the 1000 pet limit. Everything was working fine, even post patch (Tuesday). I have now collected 1007 pets so clearly the item was working. However, as of Friday night I am unable to collect anymore pets. The UI shows the limit as 1000 pets again as though the Pocket Pet Portal was never applied.

I opened a ticket for this Friday and today I got a response saying that my ticket was resolved and they are “ not able to respond to your issue at this time. ”. I figured I would try and reach out here to see if anyone else is having a similar issue or maybe get more visibility on this.

Thank you

Sorry to hear. Check this thread in the bug report forums

Some of us are having this problem and the issue often relates to quest progress being reset.

For many it’s battle pet quest progress as well as other quests like islands, warfronts, some HoA quests, etc.

No acknowledgement as a known bug yet. Blizzard have stated in this forum in other threads that they would “forward on to the team”.

Most of us are just waiting to see what happens.

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