Pet battle/collection broken

I’m extremely frustrated about this STILL. I’ve put in tickets and gotten completely useless responses both time. The latest flat out says “ During my investigation, I couldn’t locate or find any signs of a bug with this. I checked and verified you don’t have the achievement for any of the previous Pet Battle Dungeons either which I read on a guide must have been completed in order to get the quest to do the BRD one.” I know this is absolutely false. I have completed them all. I keep being told to submit it to the forums and I have. Can we please get this looked at? Not being able to battle, at all, and having rewards earned completely taken away and then claimed I never did them is just wrong.

Yes, I’ve been having this exact same problem. I disabled all my addons and it’s still happening. Very frustrating.

It’s a deal breaker for me. I canceled my sub over it. Don’t make me work for progress then just up and delete it on patch day and then tell me to go re-do it all.

Unethical for certain.

I can also go onto my main where I completed the dungeons just a few ago and I can see the achievements for the pet battle dungeons. I can see the other pet battle achievements. The achievements are still there and yet the quest progress is reset.

When/if they decide to acknowledge and it and let us know the fix I’ll consider reupping my sub. Otherwise there are plenty of good games out there for me to spend my money with.

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Yeah, I started playing again recently to see what’s changed over the last 6 months and I wanted to use this time to catch up on my massive collection that I let lapse after I quit raiding last year.

Log in to find that not only has my account been completely reset in progression for battle pet quests, but I also can’t learn any new pets, participate in the WQ, nor collect pets in the wild. Us collectors are 100% blocked from accessing this part of the game entirely. The GM reponses above are very concerning.

I still have all of my achievements and their original completion dates so you’d think one could just point to that and have our accounts restored…I’d love an update :frowning:

UPDATE: If you go to the pet battle trainer in your main city, you can get access to pet battling again, but we’re still stuck unable to learn new battle pets. This sucks.


Yep. In addition to it thinking I’ve never done warfronts/islands, it thinks I never trained pet battling. I retrained it, but I can’t learn any pets, because it thinks my max is 1000. I’ve bought the items to extend it to 2k, and am currently at something like 1463 pets.

I haven’t tried any battles, or noticed any missing pets, though I haven’t looked through all 1400…

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Running into same issue with > 1,000 pets :frowning:

I’m trying to learn a new companion pet, and it is telling me I can’t add the companion to my account. And that I can’t have any more pets. I completed the Battle on the Broken Isles achievement (and it still shows that I have earned that achievement) for the Pocket Pet Portal back in 2016 and only have 1366 pets, so I should be able to learn more. I’ve gone to a vendor that sells the pet portals and it’s acting like I don’t have the Pocket Pet Portal applied. I really don’t want to have to spend 1000 charms to (re)get the Pocket Pet Portal. I have also noticed that some of the introductory quests for pet battling are showing up for me as well. I had the issue with not being able to battle wild pets, but I was able to resolve that by turning off pet tracking on the minimap and then turning it back on a couple of times.

Hopefully, this gets fixed soon! I’m really glad to see I’m not the only one having issues!

I am also having a major issue with this. My husband is not. I thought it was because I recently transferred over a toon and faction changed. He did the same today and has no issue. The only real difference between our accounts is that I’ve been playing WoW since the tail end of BC, WoTLK was my first true xpac, he started playing in Cata… Maybe it has something to do with older accounts? Not too sure. It’s a bit frustrating for sure as I have achievements to have all my pet slots unlocked and whatnot.

Can’t battle.
Can’t tame.
Can’t learn new.
Can’t equip pets.
Can’t do the WQs…

I certainly hope Blizz has a fix for this soon or at least PUTS UP AN ANNOUNCEMENT to acknowledge there is an ongoing issue with Battle Pets and that some accounts may be bugged. Though I think that’s asking a bit much of Activision and Blizzard.

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I think the root of the issues is some people having quest progress completely reset

  • battle pet quest progression
  • island quest progression
  • warfront quest progression
  • Maybe others we haven’t found yet.

That’s probably a lot more difficult issue to fix. We are seeing the symptom as “unable to pet battle” which is true, but not the root of the bug.

I’d love to see a hotfix for this Monday or at the very least as the poster above says, some acknowledgement about a known issue with quest progression affecting pet battling.

My worry is that there is so much broken in this pre-patch that they won’t get to this for a long time. I think the best many of us can hope for is that this bug ends of up affecting a youtuber/streamer and the priority gets bumped up.

I’m having the same issue as those above. I have 1,147 pets, and had unlocked a capacity of 2,000. When I noticed the issue, my pet battle ui looked like I’d never done any pet battling at all; all three slots were locked, and the second and third indicated that I needed achievements which it also told me I’d already done.

I re-purchased pet battling from the trainer, hoping that this would cascade to fixing everything. It didn’t, but all three pet slots did unlock (since the game remembered I had the achievements.) I also noticed that the pet battle trainer in Stormwind wanted me to re-do all the pet battle quests I’d already finished; I think I had the Draenor level ones in my log before the pre-patch, but now I have none.

I’m not sure what other quests have been re-set, but I did notice this: as my wife and I started new characters today to try out Exile’s Reach, hers would get the “100 quest” achievement on the third or fourth quest, while mine would get the “50 quest” achievement much later. I’ve been lucky enough to play much more than she has over the last 15 years, and in the past have hit those milestones on new characters MUCH before her, so I guess there’s quite a bit I no longer have credit for.

I’m having the same issue as everyone else in this thread.

I know that 10/15 was the start of Super Squirt day and I was able to pet battle just fine in the early A.M. of 10/16 when I engaged with my Garrison. Everything was normal.

It was either late Friday (10/16) or Saturday (10/17) when I attempted to do a pet battle daily that I suddenly noticed I could not create a team of pets. All my slots were locked and it said I had to talk to the tamer in Org.

I went to Org and completed the initial Pet Battling quest (which I had obviously done years ago). This once again gave me access to the ability to create a team, however; all of my Manapoof teleports are gone (the quests to open them aren’t recognized as being completed any longer) and I cannot learn new pets as the game once again thinks I am capped at 1000. My achievement page still clearly shows I earned the pocket pet portal achievement back in 2017 to increase my cap to 1,500, but the game is not recognizing that.

Found this on the customer support forum this morning

It’s at least acknowledged there. No word yet on if they can provide a fix through tickets.

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Thanks for finding that. I still want my minion of mayhem title back and my quest progress back. QQ. If they’re trying to fix it with tickets I’m not getting any help through mine. >.<

Yeah agreed. It’s interesting that it’s on that support page but they still have not added to the list of known issues and have no guidance on whether we should:

  • wait for them to fix
  • submit an in-game ticket to fix
  • re-do all the quest work and re-buy everything (this is not a fix)

We also don’t know what other quest progress has been reset in the game. I know of pet battles, islands, warfronts, and one HoA quest line that have all been reset for my accounts. But if I looked around would I find more? not sure.

I think if they could add it to the list of known issues we’d at least know they have acknowledged it and are working on fix for it. The support article seems to indicate that so hopefully it is true and they will restore everything. But when? For many of us it means no pet progress until a fix comes through.

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So I just got my ticket response from 3 days ago. They say I haven’t done the ‘racial pet battle quest on my account’ which is nonsense because I’ve literally done every pet battle quest in existence.

I even humored the GM and went to Azuremyst isle, took the ‘Learning the ropes’ quest and the game will not count progression after winning a pet battle, so I can’t complete it nor turn it in. My guess is because internally, my character has already done that, but the quest interface thinks I haven’t.

I know everything is on fire at Blizz currently, but it’s a bit disturbing that GMs aren’t even made aware of this issue and are currently giving incorrect advice and information to us. We’re talking about YEARS of progress invested into this game mechanic…us pet fanatics take this stuff seriously! We also cannot BUY new battle pets to learn either… (looking at you microtransaction department)


Exactly this. I’m at least a little relieved that I can still collect charms…but not being able to finish collecting all of the pets I’ve missed over the last 6 months or so during this period of zero content is …less ideal. ^_^;

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Having the same issues described here as well, submitted a ticket as directed by the support article. I did a character transfer yesterday since they’re on sale, so I guess that’s the likely trigger. However, I did a character transfer a week before that, without any problems afterwards, so I guess this is more than likely something introduced with pre-patch.

As others have mentioned, I was able to re-train pet battling and can at least do dailies and such now. But until this is addressed, the collectors among us with more than 1000 pets can no longer learn any new ones from any source, be it wild pets, caged (e.g. from the AH or friends), loot drops, store, etc.

Certainly hoping this will be fixed soon, or that customer support can at least get us back where we were manually via tickets. If anyone does get a proper resolution via their ticket, please let us know. I was hoping to do a couple more character transfers before the sale ends, but might hold off for a few days if this turns out to be a drawn out problem.


Here is my official response from opening a ticket (tl;dr - Customer Support cannot help)

Howdy ****, this is Tech Specialist Game Master *********** at your service!

Before I jump into it, I wanted to apologize for you running into this issue as I know that issues of this nature can be frustrating. We more than most understand how disheartening it can be when you are working hard to get something and a bug gets in the way of achieving your goal.

However, while we understand your issues more than most, we here at Customer Support are not in a place to make changes or fix bugs in the game, that is something only the Development and Quality Assurance teams can do. While we would love to be able to fix issues of this nature, the only thing we can attempt is some raw troubleshooting and if it does not work, forward these findings to the Dev and QA teams to be investigated and hopefully resolved. As much as I wish we could intervene on issues relating to mechanics or events such as this we simply cannot and I sincerely apologize for that. :confused:

However, I do understand where you are coming from on this and I will get this forwarded up for you again. Hopefully this can be looked into quickly and fix implemented soon but in the mean time we recommend that you keep an eye on the Forums for a response on the issue or for a hotfix to be pushed as well.

That said, if you happen to come across a bug or any other instance of the game not working correctly, we strongly recommend that you submit a Bug Report through the “Submit a Bug” feature found in your Help Menu. While this does not get you a response of this nature, it does send incredibly important information about your character and the situation to the Development and Quality Assurance Teams to check into further and get them resolved if there is an issue present. =)

So great of them to have the website direct us to a department that cannot help.


Yeah, that’s definitely not helpful, especially after being directed by that support article to create a ticket.

It is obviously a bug, anyone can see that, and it’s great that they’re aware of the bug and will fix it. But we’re past that point, in our cases the bug has already impacted our accounts and we need a GM to manually correct it, the support article says as much. Furthermore, there is even a post in the customer support forum with a blue reply confirming again that we need to contact a GM:

I imagine that there’s just a miscommunication somewhere, or GMs haven’t been caught up on the issue and what they need to do. Maybe I’ll post in the CS forum to see if we can get the right visibility and/or further clarification on what we’re supposed to do to get our accounts fixed.

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Hiya. Wondering about an update?