Can't Add Companion to Your Account

Since the prepatch I’ve experienced a handful of bugs related to battle pets but this one I’m stuck on. When I try to learn a new pet, I get the errors “Can’t add companion to your account” and “You can’t have any more pets.”

I have completed 90% of the pet battle achievements and I purchased the pet portal as well for 1000 tokens, I have 1427 battle pets. What can I do to fix this?

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Did you recently complete a paid character service too by chance? If so, this support article explains that there’s an issue and there should be a link to put in a ticket :wink:


It looks like you recently did a character transfer, Zetts. You were likely hit by the bug that Perl linked. Please submit a ticket as outlined in that article and a Game Master should be able to get you fixed up.


Thanks! The link directs me to submit a ticket for “stuck on quest.” I submitted the ticket and explained my issue but I received a blanket response on how to troubleshoot issues with questing. I responded with what’s going on and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Thanks so much for your time!

No, you had the right category, Zetts. A fairly large volume of tickets we get about quests tend to be stuff that our staff can’t help with, game hints, bug reports, etc… and often the information those players need can be found on sites like Wowhead. Usually during high volume our support staff sends out the template that you received to direct those folks there and encourages anyone that doesn’t help to reopen. The result is we can get to the second batch faster than if they just sat in queue. Sorry for the confusion there.


This bug seems to affect a lot of stuff besides pet battles; many quests (some hidden ones) have been reset account-wide after a character transfer. There’s a thread in the Bug Report forum with more information.

Also, for what it’s worth, my pets were knocked down from 2,000 to 1,000, not from 1,500.

Got this fixed last night, a GM sent me the pocket pet portal to increase my max pets to 1500. Gonna go grab some charms and bump it to 2000. Thanks very much to Blizz for helping out here!


Hit by the same “bug”. Had the 2k limit portal now down to 1k. Pet battle slots were all locked–had to start the chain to reopen them again. Haven’t checked the pet dungeon teleports but I hear those have been reset too? I submitted a ticket but my guess is all CS is able to do is provide the portal and it’s up to use to “redo” everything else (to access the teleports, titles, etc)?

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i have the same issue put in a ticket 3 days ago under not listed here and got this copy paste crap and a closed ticket out of it without the gm even responding to anything in the ticket and posting this

Thank you for contacting us in regard to an issue with an achievement. We are experiencing a high volume of tickets right now and apologize for being unable to discuss the issue further with you.

For achievement related issues, please attempt the following for potential resolution:

Game Masters are not able to grant achievement credit, provide game hints, or assist with in-game bugs. If you believe the issue is due to a bug, please follow the in-game steps noted below to notify our development team directly. In addition, visit our Bug Report forums to report bugs, discuss them with the community, and check the status of known issues: for current WoW or for WoW Classic

  • Click Help to open the Customer Support window
  • Click Submit Bug
  • Follow the guidelines to enter the details of the bug
  • Click Submit

Your ticket was identified to be about the issue addressed above. If this is not the case, please respond so a Game Master can manually review it.

now back to another 3 day wait

Yes, same thing as I got and still waiting ofc.

I guess worst case (for the pet limit problem) is I just rebuy the pocket portal since I have so many charms it’s np, although they should really do it themselves, as I saw it do to another player.

You can’t really judge what Blizzard does to one person, and then apply that same logic to yourself. In most cases, each person is having a slightly different issue, even if that isn’t evident from their/your end.

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I submitted a ticket about this issue, and it feels like it wasn’t even read. From the very first line, I made it explicitly clear what was happening: an issue that was obviously already affecting a lot of people. If someone replied to it once, couldn’t they have…I don’t know…actually read it? Otherwise what’s the point of the reply? It just feels dismissive and insulting.

Also, the link from Perl currently (10/24/20) goes to “Page Not Found”, so. Sigh.


It sounds like you got a template response. They do this to encourage you to try and solve the issue with some guidance. If you are unable to, or the guidance they provide doesn’t match, simply reopen the ticket, and they’ll get back to you asap.


It looks like that support article was possibly removed. That said, it mostly just linked to the Stuck on Quest ticket option for those who needed to know what kind of ticket to put in.

Be sure to re-open your ticket though that you already got an initial response to so that they can have another look over it.

I understand what a template response is. I work at an IT help desk. I get tickets literally every day.

I had a bad customer service experience, and it’s not really defensible. The very first response I got should have been a brief explanation that they couldn’t help, and were escalating the ticket to someone who could OR an in-game mail with new pet portal items to get me started thanking me for patience while the issue was worked on.

Sending me an out-of-office reply asking me to reload my UI (as if my UI could make 6 year old quests reappear, dialogue and all) is an obvious effort to screen people out; “make me go away” and disappear beneath the machinery of bureaucracy.

The character transfers I just made cost $150 USD. And they broke the game for me.


No it is the first step in troubleshooting the game and a corrupt UI can very well do exactly what you describe. It could be that the corrupt UI isn’t showing the quests. Resetting the UI is the first step anyone should take when they have an issue. It doesn’t always work, but it is an important step that works more than people think.

You were not being passed off, it is prepatch and the ticket queues are slammed. They are treoging tickets at this time and some ticket subject will get the response you did. They say in the reply that if it doesn’t fix the issue to reply to the ticket, that puts the ticket in a follow up queue that is faster.

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Please take a read through of the threads on this issue. It is not limited to only pets and affects many account-wide quest progress items. This includes:

  • pet limits/dungeons/quests
  • Mechagon minis
  • Islands/Warfronts
  • Secret mount / and secret pet quest progress
  • Some HoA quests
    and more…

GMs currently cannot fix those and are not acknowledging them. In fact, the known issues for 9.0.1 also does not acknowledge the account-wide progress reset from character services. It mentions only pet battle limit which is a tiny slice of this bug.

It is misleading to indicate here that this bug can be fixed.


A quick search of the forums shows that people have been complaining about this for over a week. Not only does it affect multiple aspects of the game, as Sannik explained, but it ALSO affects EU servers (there are threads about it over there).

There is no UI or addon element that’s going to cause these kinds of problems. Full stop. And it’s no coincidence that the majority of people complaining about this issue almost all recently performed some kind of major character service like a server transfer.

It doesn’t require first-tier troubleshooting, and these autoreplies aren’t even troubleshooting anyhow since the situation is very obviously not related at all.

Some GMs are helping, and others are pretending it doesn’t even exist or handing out pointless auto-replies. Every time someone like you shows up and tries to defend these policies and responses, you just make it all worse.


Yep. I have had this happen 3 times. I’ve had customer service send 2 PET PORTALS. It will not stick. I am not doing that achievement again and I am certainly NOT spending 1,000 coins again. Time to sit back and keep our pets in our bags and not waste time doing pet battles. (Especially when the wait time for a ticket response is over 4 days.)


The GMs are responding to keywords for first tickets that is part of the treoge. The queue is huge right now and these issues are usually either a UI issue or an issue with not understanding how something works. So the first contact for these issues is a generic ticket to weed those out.

As stated the ticket clearly says if that isn’t the case, you should reply to the ticket where a GM will actually investigate the issue and see if they can help. The reply tickets are placed in a follow up queue and do not have as long a wait time.

I will continue to post correct information as I have been doing in this forum since BC was released. You not liking the answer doesn’t make the answer wrong nor give you the right to say my post doesn’t help. Again what I have posted is correct and the same information Blues have given here already.

There are also some things that GMs can not assist with. Most bugs fall into that category unless the Devs give them instructions and tools to assist. A GM can make things worse sometimes if they try to help with bugs. This is a known issue and QA and the Devs are working on it. Nothing else can be done by posting here.