<Pensive> Nondiscriminatory Dual Faction Community Guild with Mythic+ and Raiding!

We are an Alliance -based, dual faction, social guild welcoming community-minded members. We offer an environment that is geared toward mature adults without toxicity or overt vulgarity. We have a non-discriminatory environment with friendly players and mature officers. We provide dual faction Discord, guild repairs, raffles, m+ push, and smiles. Rank advancement based on participation and just overall friendly attitude.

See more reviews here! :) Pensive/Pénsive-Dual Faction Community

Pensive strives to be mature and chill guild where guildies get away from stressors of real life. As such, we keep chat clear of vulgarity, begging for speed leveling, gold, carrying, politics, religion, and other toxic topics. We are laid back in the respect that all members play what they want - how they want, when they want - with the same full guild support, friendship and camaraderie as any Raider or Leadership Member. Members are helpful, kind, supportive and fun. Leadership and Officers are mature and responsive.

Mythic+, old content, raffles, and more! T/Thpm, and Sat pm, and 12p-3pm raid teams.

For Alliance invite: Use the in game guild application and wait to be screened!

For Horde invite: DM GM Briar @ Bnet Briar#1421 or Briarsangui on Discord!


I can confirm that this is a great guild on both sides!!! Are you looking for an active guild with folks that actually TALK to each other???!!!?? This is it!!! Both sides are friendly and when you log on you just feel like you’re home!! This is what I’ve been looking for for so long!! I know you will love it too!!


Pensive is a great dual faction guild. There’s always something going on like raffles, events, key runs, raids, etc. The atmosphere is friendly and helpful.


Can confirm Pensive is hands down the most social, inclusive, active and fun Guild around Dalaran and elsewhere. Guildies and Leadership alike work hard to make everyones experience well rounded, fun and interractive.

Also different that other guilds, the leadership team (and we are a TEAM) here are completely and constantly engaged in the well being of the guild and it’s members.

This is a home and a family, not just for Leadership or longtime members, but for all <3

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I was new to online gaming and discord when I joined PENSIVE. It was the very first guild I got invited to. The overwhelming kindness and welcoming I experienced was truly amazing. Two years later…I am still amazed how cool our guild is.

We have both horde and alliance guilds. Come join our family, you will not be disappointed.


Words can’t really adequately say how amazing it has been to find Pensive. Come as you are, RL or in game, you are good to go. Help with running just about everything, encouragement, events, prizes, raiding, new content, old content, its all happening. Come join the best dang family in WoW.


I tend to hesitate joining guilds in MMORPGs. Even after I joined Pensive, I wasn’t overly active in it for a long while. Participation is encouraged, including adding events you want to do (big or small), but you aren’t pushed into things.

In all MMOs there are guilds that are warehouses so some buffs or achievements can be earned, or small comfy guilds where most activity is limited to a circle of existing friends. Ads always say welcoming, accepting, and active, which of course the people running the guild want to offer, but it can be hard to pull off. Pensive isn’t perfect (which guild is?) but it’s not just a quiet warehouse and it isn’t just for a clique or two of long-time members.

I can’t say which guilds on different servers are best. I wouldn’t know. Who does? I’ve never joined them all. But there are a LOT of different things you can do with Pensive (overland bosses, M+, various levels of raiding, random BGs, human darts a.k.a. jumping from high places to hit a target, bike rides across Azeroth, trivia contests, etc.) and take them at your own pace.

Plus, since it’s got a Horde and an Alliance side, if you like to play through scenarios on both sides or have friends in each faction you can have continuity. People are always saying, “Heading over to [other faction] for a bit!”

The one or two times I’ve been on when someone was making things difficult or trying to be as disruptive as possible for their own amusement, the issue was settled quickly. That’s not to say you can’t express yourself, but if being a #@$^ 24/7 to get attention is your self-expression, then this won’t be a good fit.

That should give you an idea if you want to contact an officer for more info or give Pensive a try to see how things go. In any case, here’s hoping you find a guild that helps you have fun and enjoy the game!


Such a fantastic guild! You know you’ve found the right home when you’ve been in a guild a year and a half like I have in Pénsive. Plus we’re a dual faction guild, so there are wonderful people on both sides. We keep toxicity out of the guild at all times, so that everybody feels welcome among everybody else. There’s always something to do whether it’s casual raiding, M+, and other fun guild events…or if you just like doing stuff on your own, there’s never any pressure to take part in events or groups. The chat is always active and moving, and people are always willing to help with questions and such. Please check us out! :slight_smile: -Cara


Pénsive is awesome! I’ve been on the Alliance side since the Antorus raid, and have had a great time. When I first joined the guild, I will admit didn’t have high hopes. I started playing WoW in Legion and I’d only ever grouped with a couple of friends. When they left for RL reasons, the random PuGs I joined were either completely silent, or completely obnoxious. But I quickly discovered that the other players in Pénsive are lots of fun, and there are almost always people online ready to jump in to a group to run M+, kill some Horde or just help out with some questing. I essentially learned about the multiplayer part of MMORPG in this guild: I’ve made some great friends who helped me learn how to play group content, I ventured into the world of Discord voice chat, started helping others, and somehow became a raid leader… It’s been a ton of fun along the way.

If you’re not really into M+ and raiding, that’s cool – guild chat will keep you company while you grind out your Loremaster achieve, or go transmog hunting in old content. Pop into an impromptu ICC mount run if you want, or join up to find those ^&$%&$# Uldum rares together. I’m not really into the pet raffles and trivia contests and all of that, but some people are, and that’s part of what makes Pénsive awesome. There is something for every type of player (well except for congenital jerks; all Pénsive has for them is a swift kick in the rear). Come join us! You’ll be very welcome.


I have been playing Warcraft off and on since release of the game, and have been in many guilds over the years, and I have to say that this is the most organized guild I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. Management is well done across both horde and alliance.

There are always plenty of people on to play with, converse with, ask questions too. This is an extremely friendly guild, with a nice amount of people on at all times. It is rare to feel so welcomed in a guild of this size. You really are far more than a simple number in this guild!


I’ve been playing WoW since it launched in 2004, Pensive is the absolute best guild I’ve been in ever. The leadership is on the ball no matter what, it’s easily the most professionally run guild ever. When you log in and see guild chat, Discord voice chat, groups running keys, you can’t ever say there’s nothing to do or have no one to group with, Pensive on both Alliance and Horde faction are both super active and extremely friendly no matter the time of day.

I’ve been in many guilds throughout my time playing WoW and other guilds in other MMO’s and Pensive is easily at the top, the number one guild I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of.

Join Pensive, not one regret, come be a part of something better!



Hi, for sure everyone looks for a guild that is super friendly and love to talk… this is the guild for you then! Also I transferred to horde from playing alliance for like 12 years… so I was nervous to switch cause I was in the alliance guild for so long not thinking I would find one again like them. This guild has been wonderful to me and making the transition so much better! So if you ever are looking for a friendly guild and one that’s helpful also it’s this one! I have nothing negative to say about this guild!

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Hi for sure everyone is looking for a guild that is super friendly and supportive and helpful… this is for the guild for that! These people are wonderful… and there is no drama what so ever. I have played this game since I was 8-9 years old and always played alliance! So switching over now was really hard for me cause I didn’t have a guild and I wasn’t sure how it was gonna go. I’ve enjoyed every minute playing horde and being in this guild :slight_smile:


I can’t say enough great things about Pensive. I say they’re family and I mean it. I’ve made some of the best friendships of my life and met the most wonderful people. This guild is my therapy.

No matter what you focus on - leveling, mythics, raiding, mogging, pvp, there are events all the time for you and always people online to help. I’ve never been in a more active and friendly guild. There is NO judgment, no negativity, and so many helpful people. Being in this guild has made me a happier person. Join us!


Horde team - high need for s priest! 5/N now!

Looking for like minded members wanting to get away from the stressors of real life and being a part of something positive! Large guild with family feel! All are welcome as long as willing to keep negativity out of guild <3

The game started to lose some appeal to me due to not having a good group of people to run content with. Luckily I met Briar and she took me in and I’ve fallen in love with this Guild and the game. If you want to find a great place to meet nice people and run content look no further than here.


Can confirm this guild is great as well, I was nervous and anxious to do anything with other players and feared discord. Joined pensive after searching for 2 years for a guild that had more then 2 ppl online after you joined, now I have ran keys jumped in discord and am currently raiding the NEW content instead of waiting expansions to run it when it gets old. Great place to be and the game is more enjoyable!


High need for Shadow priest for Sat afternoon horde team! Others may apply as well. Currently 2H and 7N raiding one day a week 11:45a-3pm. AOTC is the goal! Min 450 ilvl, 70 neck, and lvl 8 cloak. Briar#1421.

Pénsive does have the best people on the server. I’ve been in A LOT of guilds during my 15 years in WoW and I can say that without at doubt. Leadership is great and active. We’ve all been in guilds where they wanted that high member number or just really cared about their raiders. All your friends are in Pénsive…you just haven’t realized it yet.