<Pensive> Nondiscriminatory Dual Faction Community Guild with Mythic+ and Raiding!

We are an Alliance -based, dual faction, social guild welcoming community-minded members. We offer an environment that is geared toward mature adults without toxicity or overt vulgarity. We have a non-discriminatory environment with friendly players and mature leadership. We provide dual faction Discord, guild repairs, raffles, m+ push, and smiles. Rank advancement based on participation and overall friendly attitude.

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Pensive strives to be mature and chill guild where guildies get away from stressors of real life. As such, we keep chat clear of vulgarity, begging for speed leveling, gold, carrying, politics, religion, and other potentially toxic topics. We are laid back in the respect that all members play what they want - how they want, when they want - with the same full guild support, friendship and camaraderie as any Raider or Leadership Member. Members are helpful, kind, supportive and fun. Leadership and Officers are mature and responsive.

Mythic+, old content, raffles, and more! Raid teams: T/Th evenings, and Sat noon start, and Sat 8-10:30pm.

Apply to Pensive on the Alliance side through the guild finder or Horde players can apply to the Pensive Cross-Faction Community and we can invite you from there. To expedite your application please visit www dot pensiveguild dot com and fill out our short form via the “Apply Now!” link, then enter “Applied online” in your in-game application note.

Pensive is one of the friendliest and most welcoming guilds I’ve ever been a part of. I’ve been playing for over 15 years since the launch, had leadership roles in two large raid guilds during Vanilla and TBC, and ran a Friends and Family raiding guild through WotLK.

Unlike many other guilds I’ve been in, there’s no clique mentality here. The high-end content players and casuals are all super friendly and helpful. If you’re looking for a laid-back, friendly guild with plenty of players enjoying the same content you do, you won’t find a better group to play the game with. Guildmates are willing to help those new or nervous with m+ and raid content, work together to farm achievements, help complete pet collections, and still manage to push high keys and get AOTC together. The variety of players and personalities makes logging in to a fun, active guild something to look forward to.

TLDR - Pensive is a fantastic drama-free guild with friendly folks and lots of players who enjoy the same content as you. If you’re looking for a new WoW family Pensive definitely worth checking out!

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Pensive has been my WoW home for over five years and I cannot think of any other place to be. I found a group of welcoming players, open to helping the new folks, and showing that online gaming can be a true home away from home.

I’ve stayed so long because Pensive keeps toxicity away from our in game lives, and we are affirming of folks coming as they are. Negativity does not dwell long in our groups, and everyone is encouraged to join in - or host content that they want to see.

Basically, you will not find a more accepting, open, or chill place to be than Pensive. Five years in, and I have no plans to head anywhere else. See for yourself, and come hang with us! : )

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do you typically have a lot of people online horde-side? how many would i find on in a typical mid-week NA evening?
i really love to be in a guild that feels alive. :slight_smile:

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Hi there Thrillride!

Depending on what’s going on that day/evening, we usually have about 17-35 and we are dual faction so it’s common to see around half that number as horde members! Feel free to contact me with any other questions or if you’d like to apply :slight_smile:

I am a 45yr old, professional woman, who absolutely loves gaming and Pensive has been my home for six years. Definitely affirming and kind with no tolerance for the toxicity normally found in the gaming world. I gradually was able to open up and just be myself as a leader and now as a happy member.

If you wish to log on and just play the game however you wish…then this might be the home for you. I have gone from Mythic raiding to KSM dungeoning to now casual pet/mount and achievement hunting. I have no tolerance for drama and here there is as little as I believe possible in such a large guild :slight_smile: And…even in a large guild…I don’t feel like a little fish in a big pond. Still feels like family. <3


I am blown away at how different in a positive way Pensive is from most guilds. Regardless of your gaming style, you will feel supported here. Some of the friendliest players I have ever met call Pensive home. I love that Pensive is cross-faction, so I’m connected to both my Alliance and Horde friends.

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New, returning, and veteran players are all welcome as we gear up for 10.2! Come and join us for fun and lasting friendships. Play on your own schedule, in your preferred style—players of all interests are encouraged to join us!

Current 10.2 Raid Opportunities:
Tues/Thurs 9-11p Server Time *Edit - All positions are now full
Sat daytime hours TBD
Sat 8-10:30p Server Time

For Alliance invite: Use the in-game guild application and wait to be screened!

For Horde invite: DM GM Veravox @ Bnet nestlie18#1700 or Veravox on Discord!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

In need of a returning boomy?

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You are welcome to join! Please feel free to add me: DM GM Veravox @ Bnet nestlie18#1700 or Veravox on Discord

Question, might those weekday times be in need of any tanks?

Looks like they are now filled. Will update the previous post.

What is your morning activity like in the guild? And are any morning teams recruiting… I usually play holy paladin or resto druid, but I could also play hunter or warlock. I’m trying to find a place to call home where people do more than just log on for raid times twice a week and then vanish!

Greetings Izzuri!
Great question. Currently we have a Saturday raid team that starts at noon server with the others being evening/night. We have a healthy number of members that are online in the morning and daytime and get to all sorts of fun stuff. M+, bpets, transmog runs, achievements, fun conversation… all sorts of stuff. Our Discord offers ongoing monthly events, seasonal/social events, and other fun stuff! Feel free to contact me on Discord @Veravox :slight_smile: I’m happy to answer any questions that you have!

Thank you for the reply! Noon is a bit late for me to start, unfortunately. I will keep this bookmarked for future reference if my schedule changes at all! :smiling_face:

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Hi Vera :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in raiding with the Saturday raid team.

I just recently came over from Burning Blade as some internal drama in the core of my old guild caused a /gdisband (don’t worry I wasn’t involved lol). I am Heroic 8/9 and missed last raid where we got that bugger Fyrakk.

If you have room for an old mage on Saturday (noon) raids, please let me know how to move forward with an app etc.


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We’re thrilled to have you with us! Reach out to me via Discord if I can be of assistance :slight_smile:

This guild is a great place whether you’re looking to raid, M+, legacy loot run, xmog, battlepet, or just chill and chat, I’d be hard pressed to name another guild in the time I’ve been playing that I’ve like better.