Info no longer current


Info no longer current

380 Havoc / 380 Brew LFG
8/8H 1/8M Lock Seeking Home
376 Rogue LF Guild
382 Spriest LF late night progression 6/8+ Pref
382 Lock LF Raid team
[H] 373 MW/ Holy Priest LF Raid Guild
382 MW 3/8M LF Raid Team
(H) 373 iLvL Rogue and 377 Havoc DH LF Guild
358 Disc/Holy Priest LF Guild
387 BDK LF Mythic Raiding
3 Players (Healer/DPS, Warlock, Rogue) 5/8M LFG
4/8M Holy/Disc Priest LF serious progression guild 384 ilvl
5/8 380 disc priest LF guild
[A] 4/8M 385 MW Looking for Mythic Guild
382 4/8 M WW/MW and also SPRIEST/ROGUE ALTS (380+)
385 6/8m holy/disc or rdruid/boom LF guild
5/8 M 8/8 H 378 - 382 Brewmaster [H] Illidan
374 Blood Dk LF Guild
[H] 380 Frost Mage LFG
377 Spriest/375 HDH LF Mythic Guild
378 MW or 360 havoc DH
3/8M 382 Boomkin LF Mythic Raid Team
375 rogue lf guild
371 Lock looking for a guild 8/8H
Returning top US 200 player LF guild (MW monk)
Warlock looking for guild
(A) 5/8M Mage LF Guild
6/8M experienced lock lf right guild
4 raiders lf mythic raiding guild (1 heal, 2 mdps, 1rdps)
370 priest LF guild
379 Holy Pal, 377 MW Monk
4/8M Lock needs a new Home
380+ mw/dk lf guild
381 Warrior All specs
[H] 378 Rogue LF Guild
382 Outlaw Rogue LF CE Guild
380 Holy/Disc, MW, or Druid... Possibly shaman
Elemental/Rsham (377/372) 4/8M LF Guild
376 Boomkin Looking for a Home
3/8M Horde WAR LF Guild
DK, Warlock or Holy paladin
377 warrior/dh 5/8M
380 Arms/Fury LFG M Horde
MW LF Mythic Raiding Guild
383 BDK 6/8M Lf mythic guild to tank Uldir/battle for dazar'alor
[H] 380 MW LF Mythic Guild
Brewmaster on Thrall LF a new home
WW Monk and Spriest 2/8M
Reroll Rogue LF Prog Guild
381MW LF Weekday Raid Guild
380 Holy Priest & 378 Aff Lock LFG
383 BDK 6/8M Lf mythic guild to tank Uldir/battle for dazar'alor

6/8 M! Let’s go!!


How’s your melee situation and is there room for a DH?


All roles are now open for B.O.D. Join now!