370 priest LF guild

I’ve got 6 characters above 360. My monk is 380 and I can raid as MW/WW (Primarily WW). However, I would like to change my priest (370) to my main, I enjoy shadow and disc.

I’m looking for a 2 night Mythic minded raid team that runs Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights between 8PM-1AM EST. I’m looking for a lasting guild. I’m currently 1/8M and 8/8H. My monks name is Optical, and my Bnet is Symm#11107

Don’t want to leave a wall of text, check out our team’s forum post. :smiley:

we are Boned! A laid back group of friends that focus on raid and good times. We are in need of a WW monk, Spriest and some more Ranged dps to around out the team. We raid Wed/Thurs 7-10 server and run keys,pvp,Islands and more as much as we can.PST in game or RID for more info.
nakaa- crylose#1277